Xtera 20G DPSK technology selected for submarine network upgrade

AUGUST 17, 2009 -- Wholesale carrier GlobeNet is utilizing the Xtera NXT DPSK technology as part of its submarine network capacity upgrade to 360 Gbps.

AUGUST 17, 2009 -- Xtera (search Lightwave for Xtera), a network infrastructure provider, announced today that GlobeNet, a wholesale carrier for international transport and capacity to South America and a subsidiary of Oi, has selected the Xtera NXT 20-Gbps differential phase-shift keying (DPSK) technology as part of its submarine network upgrade. According to Xtera, the NXT system supports rapid system responses to faults, reduces power consumption, provides higher-reliability sealed clamshell circuit packs, and is NEBS Zone-4 earthquake compliant. GlobeNet is utilizing the Xtera technology as part of its submarine network capacity upgrade to 360 Gbps, which will be completed by August 2009.

"End users across South America are driving innovation and demand for Internet-based products and services. This demand spans countries, segments, and sectors, requiring carriers and ISPs to upgrade existing network infrastructure," says Erick Contag, chief operating officer, GlobeNet. "GlobeNet is uniquely positioned to deliver the capacity required to enable carriers to meet this market need, and with Xtera's leading-edge 20-Gbps technology we are able to maximize the capacity of our network. No other carrier's carrier can match our international submarine system in terms of latency, reliability, redundancy, or number of on-net locations we can provide throughout Brazil," adds Contag.

"We were delighted to have been selected by GlobeNet to deploy the 20G DPSK technology as part of its submarine network upgrade," says Jon Hopper, chief executive officer, Xtera Communications. "The supplier and equipment standards required were demanding but the benefits and innovation delivered by Xtera's technology and highly skilled resources met all the critical criteria established to win this important project."

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