Mediaserv chooses Ekinops for broadband optical network in offshore territories

SEPTEMBER 9, 2009 -- Ekinops has deployed its 360 platform in French offshore territories by Mediaserv.

SEPTEMBER 9, 2009 -- Ekinops, a provider of next-generation CWDM and DWDM metro, regional, and long-haul optical transport technologies, has deployed its Ekinops 360 platform in French offshore territories by Mediaserv. The broadband networks of the Martinique, French Guyana, and La Réunion regions will receive the platform. As an integral part of the core network, Ekinops' equipment is targeted toward fulfilling Mediaserv's long-term strategy to satisfy growing bandwidth demand in the offshore territories.

Ekinops has been working with Mediaserv since the beginning of 2008 to implement an optical network, which will transport high-speed Internet traffic among the three offshore territories of French Guyana, Martinique, and La Réunion. According to Ehsan Emami, president of Mediaserv, ease of use for implementing Ekinops’ technology was a deciding factor in choosing Ekinops.

"Ekinops fulfilled two crucial requirements of our network: efficiency in terms of implementation and sustainable reliability," Emami says.

The Ekinops 360 features a compact design and low power consumption that make it suitable for deployment in offshore territories. "In deploying our network, we have faced several operating constraints, including the very erratic quality of the optical fiber available, the need for multiprotocol aggregation, and the need for a small form factor to integrate the equipment in a standard street telecom closet," Emami adds. "Ekinops was the first manufacturer to propose a solution satisfying all of our criteria while meeting our economical criteria."

"The flexibility and the performance of the Ekinops 360 platform ensures Mediaserv valuable operating versatility, allowing the ability to adapt to changes in evolution easily as the needs of its customers change in a rapidly growing market," says Sébastien Bernard, Ekinops Northern Europe sales director.

Mediaserv will utilize Ekinops' long reach, attributed to DynaFEC (a forward-error correction software capability for extending reach), as well as the ability to transmit large channel counts over a single fiber (rather than two fibers as required by many transport systems).

Using a combination of Ekinops' DynaMux (multiplexing any mix of services on a single wavelength) and the multiprotocol ADM capability, the Ekinops 360 optical transport platform will enable Mediaserv to transport Gigabit Ethernet traffic with TDM traffic (SONET/SDH) and achieve the adding and dropping of individual GbE/SDH services in multiple remote sites using only a single 10-Gbps channel.

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