Draka deploys BendBright-XS in Energy City Qatar fiber network

SEPTEMBER 21, 2009 -- The Middle East's first energy business center builds its network using bend-insensitive fiber.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2009 -- Draka Communications has announced that the Middle East's first energy business center in Qatar -- Energy City Qatar -- will deploy BendBright-XS bend-insensitive fiber in the first of its energy cities projects in the Middle East.

Earlier IN 2009, Draka was awarded a contract for a full turnkey project to design, engineer, and implement the advanced fiber-optic network for the first Middle Eastern energy business center located in Qatar. Similar Energy Cities in India, Kazakhstan, and Libya will further cater to the commercial, technical, and human resource needs of the oil and gas industry in the Persian Gulf region.

"Our client informed us that BendBright-XS is their preference for fiber from the PoP to the business premises within Energy City," says Frank de Bruijn, business development manager, Draka Broadband Solutions. "We're pleased with this decision which will further facilitate the implementation phase of the network."

For Energy City Qatar, Draka has responsibility for the design and engineering of the entire network and PoP location, supply of all materials, all installation, commissioning, and final documentation. Three separate networks will support the Energy City: IT and Datacoms, a security CCTV network for external and internal building protection, and an additional CCTV network for street surveillance. A key part of the Draka deployment in Qatar involves blowing cables through microducts with jets of air from a central point up to more than a kilometer away, extending fiber reach at 100 m/minute.

Draka's BendBright-XS approaches the 1-million-km production output mark, outperforming Draka's growth expectations while meeting stringent G.657B requirements and complying with G.652D standards.

BendBright-XS has a patented design that Draka says eliminates technical complications due to splicing and connectivity, unlike other bend-insensitive fibers on the market.

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