Lexent provides custom network paths

SEPTEMBER 25, 2009 -- Lexent designs its offerings by analyzing and planning custom paths to shorten network distance, which the company says ensures low-latency dark-fiber routes.

SEPTEMBER 25, 2009 -- Lexent Metro Connect, a provider of dark-fiber networks in the New York metropolitan area, offers custom, build-to-suit, carrier-neutral networks to provide financial companies, enterprise businesses, and carriers the opportunity to construct the shortest distance between two network points, reducing latency and enhancing reliability. This announcement comes on the heels of Lexent's recent low-latency, dark-fiber network expansion into key facilities operated by leading data-center providers including Equinix, Switch and Data, Telx, Savvis, and others, in New Jersey.

Lexent designs its offerings by analyzing and planning custom paths to shorten network distance, which the company says ensures the lowest-latency dark-fiber routes, with thousands of fiber miles to choose from.

Lexent says shaving a few milliseconds off a dark fiber route can mean the difference between thousands of dollars on each transaction. Today, its metro dark-fiber network provides some of the lowest latency paths available (sub-100-µs) interconnecting all of the major New York City carrier hotels and more than 100 enterprise buildings to top New Jersey data centers. Global banks, financial exchanges, and other enterprise clients located within miles of the network can choose from existing or custom network offerings.

"Lexent is the only truly neutral, open-access dark-fiber provider in the New York metro region that can provide a quick-to-market custom network solution that can shave microseconds across a network's path," says Ray La Chance, president and chief executive officer of Lexent Metro Connect. "Our goal is to provide our customers 'freedom of choice,' enabling them to develop customized optical network solutions over a secure, high-capacity fiber infrastructure that has been route optimized to minimize latency between core regional datacenter facilities."

In partnership with its sister company, Hugh O'Kane Electric, a provider of electrical and telecom infrastructure design, installation, and maintenance services, Lexent Metro is able to provide fast, flexible, and carrier-neutral dark-fiber networks, which it says overcome third-party construction issues that plague providers in and around New York City and New Jersey.

"We have seen a significant increase in financial firms joining our client roster within the past 12 months," adds La Chance. "By utilizing our dark-fiber network footprint coupled with our custom solutions, financial companies are able to ensure optimal control over their network security, physical redundancy, bandwidth and latency."

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