Telecom Engineering releases DWDM Lite system

JUNE 12, 2009 -- The system developer says its 40-, 80-, and 160-channel system is targeted for DWDM introduction with low initial capital required and gradual network capacity increases.

JUNE 12, 2009 -- Telecom Engineering has announced its new DWDM Lite 40-, 80-, and 160-channel DWDM system, which allows carriers to introduce DWDM technology into their networks with a low initial capital outlay and to increase network capacity with graduated economical steps as more channels are required.

System features include simple and quick installation, easy capacity upgrades, tunable DWDM lasers, compatibility with other vendor's DWDM transceivers, remote monitoring and control, large optical budget, forward error correction, DC or AC power, and three- and five-year warranties.

"This is an excellent product for small and large carriers that have found other vendor's DWDM equipment deployment too costly," says Bob Chomycz, president of Telecom Engineering USA.

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