Pacnet delivers intelligent private line service with flexible transport protection

DECEMBER 22, 2009 -- Pacnet says SmartTransport's three levels of network protection enable delivery of predictive performance and customized resiliency.

DECEMBER 22, 2009 -- Pacnet has launched Pacnet SmartTransport, Asia's first international private line service with flexible protection options to address the growing demand for uninterrupted network connectivity.

"With more business-critical applications now moving into the 'cloud,' the demand for increased network protection is escalating as organizations are realizing the growing cost and impact of network downtime to their business," says Wilfred Kwan, chief technology officer of Pacnet. "Pacnet SmartTransport brings to the market a unique protected international private line connectivity service that offers customers the flexibility of choosing between three levels of protection, to meet their need for increased network resilience."

Through the highest grade of protection called "1:1 Protection," SmartTransport enables almost instantaneous (less than 50 ms) automatic network restoration across a dedicated alternative network path should a network segment experience disruption, allowing business operations to continue uninterrupted. This premium service is also delivered with Pacnet's availability and latency service-level agreements (SLAs).

A more cost-effective network protection is available through "M:N Shared Protection," which offers one dedicated alternative network path to support up to three network circuits between two locations. During a network incident, traffic will be automatically routed onto the alternative network path typically within seconds and the service will also be offered with availability and latency SLAs.

SmartTransport is also offered with "Auto Reroute Protection," which will reroute traffic on alternative paths with available capacity and is delivered with SLAs to guarantee end-to-end network availability.

At the heart of the new service is the Automatically Switched Optical Network (ASON) technology embedded across Pacnet's regional submarine cable network. ASON, coupled with the meshed architecture of the EAC-C2C submarine cable network, enables Pacnet to deliver intelligent network protection at various levels of resiliency, says the company.

For less critical network applications, the provider offers unprotected private line services, which enables competitive point-of-presence (PoP) to PoP connectivity and the scalability to upgrade to a protected service should a more resilient network infrastructure be required.

Pacnet SmartTransport is available now in Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore with coverage to be expanded to the U.S., Korea, and Taiwan in 2010.

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