Tiscali selects Infinera for Italian network

DECEMBER 3, 2009 -- The Italian Internet service provider deploys Infinera's DTN and ATN in nationwide backbone and metro networks.

DECEMBER 3, 2009 -- Tiscali, a telecom services provider in Italy, has selected an Infinera Digital Optical Network for its nationwide Italian backbone and metro networks to support its customers in Italy with speed and flexibility.

Tiscali will be deploying the Infinera DTN for its national backbone network and Infinera ATN systems for its metro networks.

Tiscali has more than 700,000 customers in Italy, of which more than 550,000 use ADSL access technology. With Infinera's scalable bandwidth, Tiscali says it will be able to meet customers' need for increased bandwidth quickly, as well as extend its footprint into new regions and new metro areas.

The Infinera network will support Tiscali's plans to increase its service offerings to new customers, including telecom operators and large enterprises. The Infinera equipment is expected to enable deployment of the nationwide network more quickly than with traditional DWDM systems that reportedly require more time to deploy systems and turn up individual wavelengths.

"Our customer demand is growing rapidly and Infinera's digital solutions enable us to meet those needs quickly and easily," says Tiscali general manager Luca Scano. "Infinera's next-generation Digital Optical Networks technology is helping Tiscali achieve its goal of operating the most modern, advanced, and resilient network in Italy, thus delivering reliable and high-quality services to our customers."

Tiscali is deploying the Infinera ATN metro edge platform in more than 80 metro areas where it already has a strong network presence, including most major and medium-sized Italian cities such as Rome, Milan, Turin, and Palermo. The ATN is designed to offer seamless integration with an Infinera DTN network via a common network management system, enabling end-to-end service provisioning and visibility. With the ability to eliminate back-to-back transponders at network interconnection points, an ATN/DTN network is claimed to deliver capex savings, while extending ease of operation to the metro edge. The ATN offers flexible configurations to simplify and accelerate network deployment. It has been designed to offer high density and low power consumption in a small form factor and to support all metro transport services, including Ethernet, SAN, SONET/SDH, OTN, and video services.

"We are thrilled to support Tiscali, one of the most innovative and entrepreneurial telecom operators in Europe, with an Infinera Digital Optical Network," says Infinera chief executive officer Jagdeep Singh. "This combined ATN and DTN network will enable Tiscali to offer superior customer service, scalability, and network reliability to their existing customers, as well as significantly enlarge their customer base."

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