Tyco Telecommunications completes 40-Gbps demo on live undersea cable

OCTOBER 2, 2009 -- The transmission over an existing 2,500-km undersea system uses next-generation technology and establishes simultaneous transmission of 40G and 10G traffic using the same optical path.

OCTOBER 2, 2009 -- Tyco Telecommunications, a business unit of Tyco Electronics, has announced the successful demonstration of 40-Gbps transmission capabilities using its next-generation technology. The trial was completed using an existing 2,500-km undersea system originally designed for 10-Gbps transmission. In-field testing on a live network demonstrated the capability for simultaneous transmission of 40- and 10-Gbps traffic, which will enable in-service system upgrades and allow Tyco Telecommunications clients to provide more service offerings with high bandwidth requirements.

The field trial demonstrated Tyco Telecommunication's ability to transmit 64 wavelengths of 40-Gbps traffic on an existing 10-Gbps system, which increases system capacity to 2.56 Terabits on a single fiber pair.

"This development marks a significant milestone in the evolution of undersea cable transmission capability," claims Seymour Shapiro, vice president, research and development and chief technology officer of Tyco Telecommunications. "40 Gbps is undoubtedly the next standard for subsea systems, and our successful field demonstration using our new technology proves that Tyco Telecommunications is more than ready to meet customer capacity demands for future and upgraded systems."

"As higher bit rates become more prevalent in the terrestrial market, these services will naturally be required on undersea cables," says David Coughlan, president of Tyco Telecommunications. "This recent successful field trial illustrates Tyco Telecommunications' dedication to its existing customer base. We chose to demonstrate that the systems we have designed for 10-Gbps transport are not obsolete; rather, they can be successfully upgraded to support 40 Gbps without interrupting existing traffic. We're proud to be able to deliver this new technology to our existing customers and to offer it to potential customers."

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