Aurora Networks products win acceptance for use within RUS broadband program

OCTOBER 1, 2009 -- Cable operators applying for RUS funding can utilize Aurora Networks' traditional HFC, fiber deep, and RFoG technologies for extending networks.

OCTOBER 1, 2009 -- Traditional hybrid fiber coax (HFC), fiber deep, and RF-over-glass (RFoG) offerings from Aurora Networks have won product acceptance from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Rural Utilities Service (RUS) and its Rural Development Telecommunications Program for use by cable operators that receive RUS grants and loans.

The products from Aurora Networks are now part of the agency's "List of Acceptable Materials" detailing products and technologies that can be utilized by companies seeking financing for the development or expansion of broadband infrastructure. The effort administered by RUS and its Rural Development Telecommunications Program provides loans that cover the cost of construction, expansion, or acquisition of facilities that deliver broadband services to eligible rural communities.

Mid-sized cable operators, which are using Aurora Networks' equipment to evolve their networks for the delivery of next-generation services, are expected to be key participants in the RUS program. A large number of these operators conduct business in underserved rural areas that are a target of the program’s funds.

"Our HFC, fiber deep, and RFoG technologies have already generated lots of interest among mid-sized cable operators looking for cost-effective and environmentally sound solutions to evolve their networks," claims John Dahlquist, vice president of marketing, Aurora Networks. "With the acceptance of Aurora Networks’ products into the RUS program, we can help these cable operators take the next big steps in their evolution by providing cost-effective, energy efficient and optimized platforms that deliver next-generation cable services."

The technologies winning product acceptance include:

  • Traditional HFC system
  • "Green" fiber deep system - By driving fiber deep into the network, cable companies can meet their bandwidth needs while reducing the number of actives and power supplies within their operations. Fiber Deep enables cable operators to go green by achieving significant reductions in cost and energy consumption, while at the same time delivering new services and high bandwidth capabilities to subscribers
  • RFoG - RFoG equipment enables cable operators to utilize FTTP architectures, incorporating unique components to overcome deployment limitations associated with more traditional approaches

Aurora Networks says its products allow cable operators to quickly and efficiently upgrade or extend their networks -- a key consideration contained within their RUS loan applications.

"Those behind the RUS broadband loan effort want to expand the reach of this funding as much as possible, hoping the dollars put into the program go the extra mile for consumers who don't yet have access to advanced communications services," says Dahlquist. "Our futureproof technologies provide cable operators with the ability to cost-effectively upgrade their networks while at the same time getting the service support they need to upgrade their infrastructure, all critical components for any operator applying for RUS dollars."

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