MetroCast and RCN Metro expand relationship for Northeast markets

JULY 21, 2009 -- RCN Metro will provide a 10-Gbps interconnected network that quadruples MetroCast's network capacity.

JULY 21, 2009 -- Service provider MetroCast Communications and RCN Metro Optical Networks (search Lightwave for RCN Metro), a division of RCN Corp. and provider of fiber optic-based network technologies, have announced an agreement that will essentially quadruple the capacity of MetroCast's existing network in the Northeastern United States and consolidate the communication company's IP services to the two largest Internet POPs on the East Coast.

By installing RCN Metro's 10 Gigabit Wavelength Service, MetroCast is able to centralize the network, thereby reducing the number of connections and reducing the number of IP providers needed to deliver bulk IP to an individual market. The result, says MetroCast, will be "dramatically improved" transport capacity that will enhance the end user experience and create a more attractive environment for content delivery.

"The expansion of our network is a major undertaking for MetroCast but will give us a competitive advantage because we will be one of the first medium-sized operators to approach connectivity between our markets in this manner and we are putting an infrastructure in place now that can effortlessly scale over time. RCN Metro's Wavelength Service is effectively the cornerstone of the project," says Joshua S. Barstow, MetroCast's vice president of advanced services.

"We are pleased that we are expanding our relationship with MetroCast," says Felipe Alvarez, president of RCN Metro. "Like MetroCast, RCN Metro has long served rural markets, and we strongly believe in the value of providing reliable, high-capacity solutions to these locations and giving these customers a viable alternative to the status quo."

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