Canadian carriers select Transmode iWDM

JULY 2, 2009 -- Sogetel and Groupe Télécom Warwick chose Transmode's intelligent WDM optical networking elements for their joint network.

JULY 2, 2009 -- Optical networking technology provider Transmode (search Lightwave for Transmode) has been selected by Sogetel and Groupe Télécom Warwick, two local exchange carriers in Canada, to enhance their network capabilities to meet increasing customer demand for IPTV, telecommunications, Internet, and data services.

The two companies jointly chose Transmode Intelligent WDM (iWDM) optical networking elements as building blocks to consolidate existing traffic and enhance the network capacity of their existing optical infrastructure.

Halfway between Montreal and Quebec, Sogetel and Groupe Télécom Warwick provide telecommunications and Internet services to business and residential customers dispersed over a large geographical area. They shared a common SONET optical ring which both companies needed to upgrade with an overlay IP network infrastructure to fulfill demand for increased bandwidth. In Sogetel's case, it was mainly driven by the provision of new IPTV services.

"The decision to deploy Transmode equipment was based on the simplicity of the building blocks they provided us as well as great value in terms of price, quality, and ongoing cost of support," explains Dominic Germain, director of Internet services at Sogetel. "Transmode and the local reseller Sak Data understood our problems and helped us design a network to meet our needs."

The design team from Sak Data, Transmode, and each of the carriers ensured that the network was designed to support the growth in IPTV and other new differentiated services. The business benefit of a joint network, say the two providers, is that they can jointly build a more comprehensive network with a larger footprint than they could separately. The joint network provides each carrier with an alternate protection route via the other carrier's portion of the network in addition to a higher-speed and higher-capacity network.

Groupe Télécom Warwick also found a need for more services and IP bandwidth and, like Sogetel, deployed both Transmode's TS-Series and TM-Series products. "We have been delighted with the increased bandwidth enabled by the deployment of Transmode's optical products in our network. Careful selection, design, and planning have kept our costs down and our network is now both optimized for current needs and scalable for future needs," claims David Guillemette, central technician at Groupe Télécom Warwick.

"We are delighted to be chosen by Sogetel and Groupe Télécom Warwick to help them cooperate in the building of a network with improved efficiency," says Johan Hammarström, Transmode's head of North American sales. "This deployment demonstrates that we can provide increased capacity to service providers in the North American market at the right price to meet the growing residential and business needs of their customers."

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