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APRIL 20, 2009 -- Net Insight has announced enhancements for a two of its Nimbra platforms.

APRIL 20, 2009 -- Net Insight (search Lightwave for Net Insight) has announced enhancements for a two of its Nimbra platforms. The upgrades include an Ethernet Switching Feature License for the Nimbra 600 series 8 x Gigabit Ethernet Access Module and a 3 x IP/Ethernet Trunk Module, the latest addition to its family of trunk interfaces for the Nimbra One and Nimbra 300 series of multi-service switches.

The optimized Nimbra platform is designed to meet the needs of broadcasters, media networks, IPTV/CATV operators, metro Ethernet, and telecom operators. Service providers, network aggregators, and operators can use the new Ethernet Switching Feature to form virtual networks. This can be used for any application, such as QoS multicast transport of IPTV/CATV traffic, distributed office LAN applications, file transfers, or live broadcast video, and can be combined with native video/audio/telecom services, according to Net Insight.

The new Ethernet Switching Feature enables up to eight Ethernet switches to be configured on each board, each with its own MAC learning tables and VLAN space. Each configured switch can allocate any number of switch ports from a set of eight physical and 247 logical Ethernet ports. Logical ports correspond to Ethernet channels of configurable bandwidth, connecting to other Ethernet switches or physical ports in the Nimbra network. Each Ethernet switch can also be configured for completely transparent transport of packets, port-to-port.

Key license features include:

  • up to eight forwarding functions
  • port flexibility
  • non-blocking switching mode
  • transparent Ethernet mode
  • user/service separation
  • resilience
  • full multicast capabilities with flexibility and QoS
  • carrier-class design with redundant switch planes, control modules, control paths, and power
  • fully interoperable with all existing service and network interfaces of the Nimbra series.

Net Insight's Ethernet Switch License is available now for the 8 X Gigabit Ethernet boards for the Nimbra 600 series.

Meanwhile, Net Insight's IP Trunk Module is designed to extend the scope of the Nimbra platform by enabling the transport of high-quality, next-generation consumer and business services over virtually any network type.

The 3 x IP/Ethernet Trunk Module features multi-service operation, optional intermediate switching, and signal regeneration for enhanced QoS preservation. The new module is designed to provide operators with the option to create next-generation IP media network over existing IP, SDH/SONET, WDM or fiber.

To accommodate increased market demand for digital video services without incurring additional costs, operators need to use existing infrastructure to deliver high QoS on-demand connections over WANS. Net Insight's 3 x IP/Ethernet Trunk Module delivers the flexibility that operators need by opening up the usage of the steadily growing amount of low-cost IP/Ethernet connections.

Operators can also set the QoS transport bandwidth which optimizes the use of the network infrastructure.

Fitted in a Nimbra One or Nimbra 300 series switch, the 3 x IP/Ethernet Trunk Module is engineered to access and aggregate native video, audio and data services for broadcast and media network applications. The new modules are fully interoperable with the other interfaces found within the Nimbra One and Nimbra 300 series.

Key product features include:

  • three 1000/100/10 Ethernet ports for link diversity and aggregation
  • configurable trunk bandwidth
  • configurable forward error correction (FEC)
  • advanced clock recovery
  • comprehensive protection options
  • performance monitoring
  • standards compliant.

Field tests for Net Insight's 3 x IP/Ethernet Trunk Module will commence in May, with general availability in October 2009.

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