Aurora Networks expands RFoG plus PON offering

APRIL 1, 2009 -- The offering comprises the new OR4168 VHub module and CP8013U CPE, together with the company's existing VHub, Node PON module and GEPON CPE.

APRIL 1, 2009 -- Aurora Networks Inc. (search Lightwave for Aurora Networks) has launched what it asserts is the first single-fiber, end-to-end RFPON offering. The offering comprises the new OR4168 Virtual Hub (VHub) module and CP8013U customer premises equipment (CPE), together with the company's existing VHub, Node PON module and GEPON CPE.

RFPON enables cable operators to leverage existing and future fiber investments, resulting in unparalleled service competitiveness, efficiency, and cost-saving benefits, according to the company.

Designed to introduce PON into existing RFoG environments, or vice versa, Aurora Networks' VHub OR4168 module enables operators to extend network reach from 10 or 20 km to over 60 km using a single fiber to provide a local service area concentration point for management of both downstream and upstream RFoG and PON wavelengths. The module also facilitates route redundancy for high network reliability and increases VHub efficiency and cost savings by consolidating the functionality of three separate products, the company adds. This level of integration increases the physical space available within the VHub, enabling cable operators to add further modules to increase upstream and downstream capacity.

The new CP8013U RFoG CPE is a field-hardened device that supports triple-play service requirements for video, voice, and data services including DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem traffic. Aurora Networks says the new CPE fits within a compact die-cast housing that provides a rugged, RF-shielded environment for long-term stability and reliability, and is supplied with a power inserter. The CP8013U is supported by a line of outdoor housings with optimized fiber management and standard and UPS powering options.

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