Omnitron launches STM-1 coax-to-fiber media converter

MAY 12, 2009 -- The iConverter transmits signals up to 5 km on multimode fiber and up to 120 km on singlemode fiber.

MAY 12, 2009 -- Omnitron Systems Technology (search Lightwave for Omnitron Systems Technology), a provider of fiber-optic access systems for enterprise and telecom networks, has announced the availability of the iConverter STM-1 copper-to-fiber media converter. The iConverter STM-1 converts the electrical signals from an STM-1 or OC-3 75-Ω coax cable to optical signals on fiber. Targeted for telecom and enterprise applications where STM-1 or OC-3 transport is required beyond the limited distance of coax, the media converter transmits signals up to 5 km on multimode fiber and up to 120 km on singlemode fiber.

The copper port of converter provides two mini-BNC 75-Ω coax connectors that comply with ITU-T G.703 and Telcordia GR-253 standards for CMI-coded 155.52-Mbps electrical interfaces. Adapter cables are included to convert the mini-BNC connectors to standard BNC-type connectors. The fiber port accepts any standard, MSA-compatible 155.52-Mbps SFP transceiver. The iConverter STM-1 also supports CWDM SFPs to convert the signal to a specific optical wavelength and then connect it to a CWDM multiplexer to increase the fiber network capacity.

"The iConverter STM-1 media converter provides flexible STM-1 connectivity by overcoming the distance limitations of STM-1 coax cable," says Doug Baar, vice president of engineering. "Its modular design enables scalable fiber implementation with high-density chassis for the network core as well as compact chassis or standalone modules for the network edge."

The converter is available as a compact, unmanaged standalone unit or a chassis-managed plug-in module. The hot-swappable plug-in module can be mounted in a nineteen- or five-module chassis with any combination of redundant AC and DC power supplies. It also can be mounted in a two-module AC or DC powered chassis, or one-module chassis with AC or DC power input.

The standalone version of the iConverter STM-1 is wall-mountable. It is DC powered and is available with an external AC/DC power adapter or a terminal connector for direct DC power.

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