New STM16/OC-48 fiberoptic transmission and receiver modules are designed specifically for pick-and-place assembly. Developed for intraoffice (<2 km) transmission in SONET/SDH, DWDM, and ATM systems, their high operating temperature range allows these modules to meet the ITU-T G.957/G.958 recommendation and the Bellcore GR-253-Core spec. The surface-mount housings feature small package size, and the OD-J6887 Transmitter and OD-J6888 Receiver feature a detachable pigtail (SC, FC, and MUJ connectors are available). Designed to work with single- or multimode fiber, the devices include a single 3.3-V supply, 0.6-W maximum power consumption (Model 0A01), -40°C to 85°C temperature range (Model HA01), and 2.48832 Gbit/s data rate. The OD-J6887 and OD-J6888 are priced at less than $1500 per pair in 2500-pair quantities.


Santa Clara, CA

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