New 100- and 50-GHz interleavers are available for 10- and 40-Gbit/s systems and can be used with existing DWDM multiplexers and demultiplexers for next-generation terabit networks. These new interleavers feature dispersion typically <10 ps/nm, which is particularly important at high bit rates. The interleaver can be integrated with other products, such as thin-film filter or arrayed waveguide grating mux/demux. Other applications include use as an optical comb filter for EDFAs. These interleavers have an insertion loss of <1.8 dB, isolation of 25 dB, and a clear bandwidth of >16 GHz (ITU ±8 GHz) for the 50-GHz model; and >30 GHz (ITU ±15 GHz) for the 100-GHz model. They have a low thermal drift coefficient of 0.2 GHz/°C and do not require temperature control (between 0°C and 65°C).

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