Installations in brief

HighSpeed Office, London, a communications solutions provider, has selected RAD Data Communications' IPmux TDM over IP gateway to deliver converged voice and data services. The solution allows circuit extension over IP networks, enabling voice, video and data traffic to be carried transparently over high-bandwidth networks. HighSpeed Office's customers will use their IP networks for telephony applications with the same level of quality provided by TDM networks — but without the need to replace TDM switches.

Arcor is building an MPLS VPN-based core network using Cisco's 12000 Series and 7200 Series Internet routers to meet increasing demand from Germany's enterprise and SMBs. On the IP backbone Arcor offers Layer 3 IP VPN services through its CompanyNet service. This enables advanced services such as video and voice over the IP backbone.

"We have experience with Cisco technology which we are leveraging in the new network," said Joachim Gross, Arcor's director.

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