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A new optional characterisation process reduces set-up time, increases yield and improves the DWDM performance of fibre Bragg gratings.

Dirk Jessen Ibsen Photonics

Copenhagen-based Ibsen Photonics supplies holographic phase masks and DWDM monitors based on diffraction gratings. At OFC 2002, Ibsen offered dedicated inspection reports on its phase masks for interested manufacturers of fibre Bragg gratings (FBGs).

"The reports enable the FBG manufacturer to identify the optimal writing line," says product manager Kristian Buchwald. "Our cleaning and characterisation services further enable FBG manufacturers to have an optimised phase mask library at hand, ready to improve turnaround times."

Ibsen's phase masks, which it has produced since 1996, are made holographically, avoiding stitching errors and allowing for continuous linear chirp. This makes them suitable for high-performance DWDM components like dispersion compensation gratings, gain flattening filters, narrow bandwidth ITU grid filters and laser stabilisers.

"We have always focused our engineering efforts on process automation in order to improve the manufacturability of fibre Bragg gratings," says Buchwald. "Our unique period accuracy and uniformity as well as our clear on-mask identification are examples of this. Our new optional services are only a natural extension of this focus."

Beginning as Ibsen Micro Structures in 1991 Ibsen Photonics was created by a management buy-out from ADC Telecommunications in November 2001, combining the organisational and manufacturing experience of a global telecoms company, process know-how, and the innovation of a start-up. Ibsen is backed by venture capital providers 3i (UK) and Dansk Kapitalanlæg A/S (Denmark's largest), while its 50,000ft2 headquarters has more than 13,000ft2 of cleanroom.

Ibsen also aims to supply DWDM modules, based on its experience in optical design and in-house manufacturing of diffractive gratings which, it says, improve flexibility and running costs of DWDM networks.

Dirk Jessen
Vice PresidentSales & Marketing, Ibsen Photonics A/S
Tel: +45 44347013

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