DWDM reach extended fourfold

CeBIT saw the demonstration of a commercially available 10Gbit/s system which quadruples reach to 320km for single-mode fibre.

Adva's FSP 3000 carrier-class DWDM metro system - designed to maximise the bandwidth and service flexibility of metro area networks - was used with OFS Laboratories' TrueWave RS Fibre, the world's first non-zero-dispersion fibre for metro express rings.

"OFS maintains the overall system perspective, developing application-specific fibres such as TrueWave RS Fibre...so we can focus on our core business," says Adva's marketing VP Abdul Kasim

Implementation of TrueWave RS Fibre in a metro express ring lowers the overall cost of the optical network, it is claimed, allowing the FSP 3000 system to operate without the need for regenerators or dispersion compensators.

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