Product Focus: Couplers


ATI optique's new single-mode 1x2 couplers have a 50/50 coupling rate and are available with all connector types for a large number of applications.

The couplers are available for single-mode wavelengths 633, 780, 820 and 980nm. Maximum insertion loss is 3.9dB. Customer-specific wavelengths can be supplied.

Fiber Optic Communications (FOCI) is offering a small-form-factor PLC coupler/splitter and monitoring tap coupler, made with in-house PLC and thin film technology.

The PLC coupler/splitter, which is up to 32 channels, is the most suitable solution for passive optical network (PON) applications; the monitoring tap coupler is for optical networking monitoring system.

The devices are targeted at small-scale optical system/sub-system applications.

Alliance Fiber Optic Products' series of patch coupling adapter devices for high-performance single-mode testing and network applications include LC-to-SC, LC-to-MU, and MU-to-SC connector types.

The adapters are said to eliminate hybrid cable assemblies in many applications by allowing the mating of connectors with different ferrule diameters with near-0dB insertion loss penalty.

A high-performance polish mechanism ensures that the couplers are wavelength and polarisation insensitive. The devices feature ruggedised, compact housings and a completely enclosed fibre system to ensure repeatable performance.

OZ Optics' in-line tap couplers can be adapted into single-mode or polarisation-maintaining (PM) fibres.

A new process allows easy measurement of signal intensity through a fibre in a simple, miniature package, for incorporation into amplifiers or DWDM systems for real-time monitoring and feedback.

In-line taps are made using full automation and can be directly integrated into fibre pigtails for devices that rely on optical feedback.

Optical power monitors combine the tap with a photodiode in a single package. They produce a current proportional to the optical power in the fibre and are available in single- and multiple-channel configurations.

JDS Uniphase launched several high-performance components at last September's ECOC 2002 event, including a 6-port multiplexer/demultiplexer coupler.

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