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Nortel has enhanced its OPTera Connect DX optical switch by combining multi-service and optical switching capabilities, including dual Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, along with software and security improvements, to broaden the DX beyond long-haul to the metro core.

The DX improves efficiencies when combined with next-gen SONET/SDH, including the OPTera Metro 3000/4000 multi-service platforms and OPTera Metro Connect with integrated optical service switching.

When paired with the OPTera Long Haul 1600 Optical Line System in the backbone, the DX helps to address capacity and flexibility needs.

Polaris Networks' product suite for metro infrastructures includes:

  • The OMX optical transport switch platform, which combines the functions of a wideband, broadband and super-broadband DCS with SONET add/drop-based transport. It scales from 240 Gigabits, fully redundant, non-blocking switch capacity, to 2 Terabits. A single switch fabric provides switching and grooming granularity from VT1.5/DS1 to STS-Nc levels.
  • The scalable IntelliOp Center element management system allows users to provision services quickly and efficiently, conduct fault and performance management and administer security.

The Polaris solution allows use of a GMPLS-based intelligent control plane in existing operations to automate end-to-end provisioning.

Cisco's 7200 Series Network Processing Engine more than doubles the processing power of its 7200 Series routers to million-packets-per-second (mpps) rates.

The NPE-G1, which can be installed as an upgrade to any 7200 VXR chassis, enables higher-performance implementations for security services, bandwidth and traffic management (QoS), converged voice, video and data, MPLS and IPv6. It has three built-in 10/100/1000Mbit/s Ethernet ports for LAN connectivity.

Cisco also has new software support for hardware-accelerated features on its 7300 Series routers such as MPLS, MPLS VPNs, and Network Address Translation (NAT).

Cisco has new hardware, software and provisioning capabilities for its broadband aggregation portfolio, boosting scalability and performance while lowering deployment costs.

Cisco is doubling the session capacity of the 7200 and 7400 Series routers and claims the industry's highest subscriber density on the 10000 Series.

The new Broadband Access Center is a fully integrated provisioning and management solution for broadband aggregation networks coupled with additional dynamic auto-provisioning capabilities.

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