Turin Networks acquires material assets of White Rock Networks

OCTOBER 27, 2006 -- The White Rock acquisition expands Turin Networks' product portfolio and increases its existing customer base to more than 300 carriers worldwide.

OCTOBER 27, 2006 -- Turin Networks (search for Turin Networks) has acquired the product portfolio and the majority of the material assets of White Rock Networks, provider of next-generation optical transport products for metro networks.

According to Turin Networks, this transaction simultaneously expands its product portfolio and carrier customer base to over 300 customers worldwide.

"Turin Networks already has a significant market presence with diverse network operators worldwide who are transitioning to packet-optimized, high-capacity transport networks," contends Henry Wasik, president and CEO of Turin Networks. "We look forward to working with our new customers from the former White Rock Networks--which includes major CLECs, ILECs, and MSOs--both to support their existing deployments and to offer them a combined product portfolio that meets a wider range of their requirements."

White Rock Networks' product portfolio comprises the VLX 2020 Optical Transport System, the VLX 2006 Multiservice Access Platform, the VLX 300 and 400 Service Edge Concentrators, and the VLXpert EMS.

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