Luxtera releases OptoPHY transceiver for 40G Ethernet applications

Luxtera has announced that the company's OptoPHY transceiver supports 40G Ethernet applications.

MARCH 22, 2010 -- Luxtera has announced that the company's OptoPHY transceiver supports 40G Ethernet applications.

As 10G Ethernet connections migrate to server connectivity, 40G Ethernet is emerging as a preferred solution for switch interconnect, delivering the bandwidth necessary for aggregation of multiple servers. To enable wide deployment of 40G Ethernet, a low-cost optical interconnect is required. OptoPHY is the first CMOS Photonics-based single chip transceiver for on-board deployment. Breaking cost barriers traditionally associated with optics, OptoPHY delivers low-power consumption and long reach to surpass legacy copper and VCSEL-based multimode fiber transceivers.

OptoPHY features a smaller form-factor than traditional MSA modules and is ideal for switch interconnect and network interface controller (NIC) applications on servers. The solution complements standard MSA transceivers, specifically Luxtera’s award-winning 40G QSFP Active Optical Cable, Blazar. At OFC, Luxtera will work with technology partners, Tektronix and NetLogic Microsystems, to display its optical technology through live and static demonstrations. Luxtera will have a live demonstration of OptoPHY inside the Tektronix booth and will showcase OptoPHY as well as Blazar with NetLogic.

OptoPHY is also ideal for server-to-switch interconnects in the emerging datacenter applications. OptoPHY’s board-mountable, optical transceivers provide a reliable solution, extending 4,000 meters at industry leading power consumption under 200mW per 10G and benefits of fiber-optic EMI immunity. As datacenters continue to strive for energy efficiency to reduce operation costs and to comply with emerging “green” laws and regulations, OptoPHY leads the charge as a low cost, high performing datacenter connectivity solution.

Luxtera is showcasing a live demonstration of OptoPHY at OFC/NFOEC in the Tektronix booth (#1543) and demonstrating OptoPHY and Blazar in the NetLogic booth (#3045).

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