Telecom Engineering touts CWDM expansion unit

Aug. 9, 2007
AUGUST 9, 2007 -- The unit's specially designed DWDM multiplexer is capable of inserting 8 or 16 DWDM channels into unused CWDM channel bandwidth, explains the company.

AUGUST 9, 2007 -- Telecom Engineering today announced its new CWDM Lite Expansion Unit, which increases installed CWDM (search for CWDM) multiplexer link capacity by 7, 15, or 22 channels. According to the company, the unit is a 'must have' for dark fiber or CWDM users and operators who need to increase fiber bandwidth above existing CWDM multiplexer limitations.

The company says the ability to increase CWDM capacity is accomplished by the unit's specially designed DWDM multiplexer, which is capable of inserting 8 or 16 DWDM channels into unused CWDM channel bandwidth. An 8-channel CWDM multiplexer link can be expanded to 15, 23, or 30 channels, and a 16-channel CWDM multiplexer link can be expanded to 38 channels. The unit is designed for easy installation onto existing live CWDM systems with minimal or no traffic interruptions, no power connection, no configuration, and no reconfiguration of existing CWDM multiplexers, say Telecom Engineering representatives. A simple two-step installation process of mounting into a rack and connecting fiber jumpers is all that is required for this unit to be ready for traffic.

Additional product features include data rate and protocol transparency to 10 Gbits/sec; mean time between failure (MTBF) of 1,700 years; 1-RMU unit height; 19- or 23-inch rack mounting; and fiber connectors that are easily accessible for cleaning. The product is compatible with DWDM optics, including XFP, SFP, GBIC, and Xenpak pluggables.

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