iAdvantage expands network capacity with M-series multiservice routers

Aug. 1, 2007
AUGUST 1, 2007 -- Asian IT infrastructure provider iAdvantage says the upgrade increases network capacity between its data centers and Hong Kong's metropolitan-wide network hubs.

AUGUST 1, 2007 -- Juniper Networks Inc. (search for Juniper Networks) today announced that iAdvantage, an IT infrastructure provider in Asia, has deployed its M-series multiservice routers.

iAdvantage says the upgrade increases network capacity between its data centers and Hong Kong's metropolitan-wide network hubs, allowing it to host more customers while enabling faster network and application performance. The Juniper equipment also will enable iAdvantage to quickly and efficiently introduce new revenue--generating services-such as its new "discrete bandwidth" service--over a single network, say Juniper representatives.

iAdvantage provides mission-critical network application, database, and bandwidth services to some of Asia Pacific's most successful enterprises, including major financial institutions. The company has used Juniper Networks M-series routers since 2005 and recently expanded its network with additional platforms to address growing customer demand and fuel future growth.

"As a leading provider of IT services throughout Asia, our network is absolutely critical to our success," contends Ben Li, vice president of technology at iAdvantage. "The performance of Juniper Networks' M-series has been a contributor to our growth, and as we continue to expand our data center network, adding capacity with additional M-series will enable us to quickly and efficiently expand our offerings while retaining excellent performance and reliability," he says.

Juniper Networks claims its M-series routers uniquely combine best-in-class IP/MPLS capabilities with unmatched reliability and performance. The M-series allows providers to consolidate multiple networks onto a single IP/MPLS infrastructure, while enabling the generation of new revenue with leading-edge services, say company representatives. Using the highly scalable, secure, and reliable JUNOS software, Juniper says its M-series enables providers to maximize revenue opportunities and minimize operational and capital costs.

"Many service providers such as iAdvantage are in a position where they need to expand network capacity, while also increasing performance and service velocity," explains Matt Kolon, Juniper Networks' CTO for Asia Pacific. "And increasingly we are seeing these service providers are deploying Juniper Networks to help them grow their business through high-performance network solutions."

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