Telefonica Deutschland taps Ericsson for DWDM network

May 30, 2007
MAY 30, 2007 -- Ericsson has been selected to support Telefonica in the building and operation a new nationwide DWDM transport network to be rolled out in Germany over the next few years.

MAY 30, 2007 -- Ericsson (search for Ericsson) has been selected to support Telefonica in building and operating a new nationwide DWDM transport network in Germany. Rolled out over the next few years, the new network will provide wider optical transmission paths coverage, giving Telefonica a significant advantage in the German market, say Ericsson representatives.

Ericsson says its DWDM platform will enable Telefonica to build a future-proof optical network, with leading technology that will provide the operator with unique flexibility, best-in-class performance, and operational synergies for efficient and evolved metro and core networking.

"We are pleased to provide Telefonica with a highly versatile solution that will allow them to offer new services with minimal incremental investment," contends Stefan Kindt, president of Ericsson in Germany. "It confirms our long-lasting partnership."

"The new transport network is a major step forward in the German market," adds Karl Wilhelm Rohrsen, board member of Telefonica. "Here, we rely on an experienced and reliable partner. That is exactly what Ericsson is," he says.

The Ericsson equipment provides operators with an opportunity to maximize their E revenues through such new services as high-speed data, storage, video, and voice transmission. Automatic network control and operation allow them to simplify the way they operate their transport networks, always granting the best quality of service, says the company.

The rollout of the network has already started.

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