Acterna adds field test module to family of DWDM spectrum analyzers for ONT platform

April 20, 2004 Germantown, MD--Acterna is launching a high-precision optical spectrum analyzer for customers with testing needs for ultra-dense WDM applications, the next generation WDM technology.

April 20, 2004 Germantown, MD--Acterna is launching a high-precision optical spectrum analyzer for customers with testing needs for ultra-dense WDM applications, the next generation WDM technology. The new OSA-300/301 is the first field test module which effectively combines a lab performance OSA with a resolution bandwidth of <50 pm and a unique channel isolation functionality for extracting specific signals up to line rates of 10.7 Gbits/sec.

For maintenance and troubleshooting of high performance DWDM networks, test instruments like optical spectrum analyzers and optical channel selectors are essential for measuring optical parameters and for extracting single optical channels out of a DWDM signal for further analysis. By combining a new high performance OSA and the well-known tunable channel-isolation function from Acterna's OSA-161/201 into one test module for the ONT-50 platform, network operators and manufacturers gain several benefits. Two instruments combined in a single module saves money and space. Customers achieve time efficiencies because the OSA-300/301 enables optical performance analysis of the spectrum and channel isolation for further testing.

"Manufacturers and carriers continue to execute on their vision of converged networks and technologies like DWDM, quickly bringing what have previously been considered futuristic technologies to the present," said Enzo di Luigi, general manager for Acterna's fiber-optic unit. "By creating a two-in-one product without compromising performance, Acterna can now provide them with an unmatched solution for accelerating installation, commissioning and troubleshooting using our ONT-platform."

The OSA-300/301 modules are the latest additions to the Acterna family of spectrum analyzers. While all Acterna OSAs offer high-performance optical measurements over the full wavelength range between 1250 and 1650 nm at high test speed, the OSA-300/301 modules deliver new advantages. They offer lab-type optical performance with a 10-dB improvement in optical rejection ratio (ORR) compared to their predecessors, enabling accurate measurements in DWDM networks with high-channel counts and tight-channel spacing.

The channel-isolation function, with a tuning range covering the entire spectrum from 1250 nm up to 1650 nm, simplifies test and troubleshooting in DWDM as well as in CWDM used in metro applications. This function can be used to further qualify optical signals using bit error rate testers or Q-factor meters.

All OSA modules provide wavelength accuracy (10 pm) that is guaranteed over their lifetime. This is achieved by an internal on-line wavelength calibrator which is based on a physical constant reference, guaranteeing the highest wavelength accuracy over instrument lifetime without recalibration.

Additional features of the OSA-300/301 include: graphical and tabular display formats that can be selected for use during installation and maintenance of multi-channel WDM systems; the FOX auto mode (Fiber Optic eXpert), which provides automatic PASS/FAIL evaluation based on customer predetermined limits at the push of a button; built-in test functions like EDFA and laser-source test applications, which facilitate network component verification; and the availability of long-term optical performance monitoring software.

The ONT platform is a multi-functional, multi-port and multi-user solution for fast and flexible testing of optical networks. ONT is designed to address the optical and digital testing needs in R&D, SVT and maintenance. There is a choice of ONT platform covering rack-mountable and potable mainframes, and a range of plug-in instrument modules for DWDM, SDH, SONET, OTN and EoS networks controlled via an user interface. This combination makes ONT an exceptionally versatile and functional test resource for optical and physical layer tests, as well as performance testing.

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