Future DWDM deployment will benefit all classes of telephone network operators

Future DWDM deployment will benefit all classes of telephone network operators

All classes of telephone network operators, including incumbent, competitive local-exchange carriers (CLECs) and long-distance network operators, will discover significant economic and technological incentives for deploying dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) systems during the next three to five years. Ryan, Hankin, Kent Inc. (RHK), a market and research consulting firm in San Francisco, released a new report that indicates DWDM, optical add/drop multiplexing (OADM), and optical crossconnect systems (OCS) will significantly penetrate markets in both the long-distance and local telephone arenas.

RHK?s report, WDM and Optical Networks: Service Provider Profiles 98, identifies key drivers for deploying these technologies, dividing the market by company and sector. The report is the first volume in RHK?s WDM and Optical Networks Service, which provides research on DWDM and optical networking vendors and service providers in North America; market forecasts of DWDM, OADM, and OCS expenditures; and analysis of the market and technology drivers behind the new technologies.

The study examines the key criteria used by service providers to evaluate optical technologies that will enable networks to be more efficient. Each provider?s corporate direction, vendor relationships, and planned deployment architectures and technologies for DWDM and optical systems are reviewed in the report. Twenty-two service providers are profiled, including LECs, interexchange carriers, CLECs, utilities, and multiple-system operators.

Following the use of DWDM to meet explosive growth in traffic, RHK analysts believe carriers are looking to optical technologies and new network architectures to build networks that can double capacity in just two years, versus the six years it might take otherwise. The motivations of each profiled carrier and the new architectures involved are identified in RHK?s report.

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