LAN extender

May 1st, 1999

LAN extender

The CityLAN10/100 is an Ethernet and Fast Ethernet switch that extends 10- or 100-Mbit/sec Ethernet over singlemode fiber at distances to 50 km. The extender allows cross-city links at native LAN speed. These may be deployed as private customer-specific links or as LAN-speed links to the service provider public network from the customer site. It is manageable using SNMP, Telnet, and Web Java in-band and out-of-band via SLIP, permitting remote control and monitoring. The switch supports up to four interfaces from a single unit, thus permitting dual-redundancy links to be run between sites as well as between links. Interconnection between sites up to 50 km can be achieved.

First Fibre Ltd.

York, UK

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