DWDM and sonet/sdh chipsets

DWDM and sonet/sdh chipsets

This OC-48 DWDM and sonet/sdh chipset offering includes the S3049 laser driver, the S3053 quad multiplexer with fan-out buffers, and the S3054 dual 2ٴ crosspoint switch. According to the manufacturer, when used in conjunction with the company`s S3050 multirate clock recovery, S3043 multiplexer/clock

synthesis, and S3044 demultiplexer devices, the products comprise a 2.5-Gbit/sec DWDM solution with minimal power consumption, ITU jitter compliance, and excellent signal integrity. The laser driver is priced at $85, the quad multiplexer costs $92, and the 2ٴ crosspoint switch sells for $86 per unit when purchased in quantities of 100.

Applied Micro Circuits Corp.

San Diego, CA

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