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May 1, 2007
Integrated EOE cable assembliesWhile standard copper cable assemblies strain to meet new speed and link length demands in data centers, ZLynx one-piece fiber-optic cable assemblies have integrated, industry-standard electrical terminations capable of 20-Gbit/sec transmission in both directions and 5-Gbit/sec duplex four-channel data transmission, for distances up to 100 m. The standard connector, compact size, and robust latch mechanism allow ease of use with most equipment chassis. The optical cable uses 3.3 V supplied directly from the electrical port connector. Typical power consumption is just 1 W/connector. Currently sampling, ZLynx products target InfiniBand DDR (dual data rate) at 4×5 Gbit/sec per channel and 10-Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) XAUI at 4×3.125 Gbit/sec applications.Zarlink Semiconductor,
The 980-nm OceanBright pump laser technology is designed to be used in erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (EDFAs). The pump module incorporates the Bookham generation eight laser chip (G08), is capable of exceeding 400 mW at operating temperatures from 0° to 45°C, and complies with multisource agreement requirements for use in uncooled applications. It is one of a range of pump products that includes ultrahigh-power cooled butterfly and uncooled high-power singlemode and multimode pumps. Reliability of the 980-nm pump laser technology has been proven with more than 350,000 units shipped and 14 billion device hours with less than 25 FIT.Bookham,
Designed to provide maximum flexibility and full customization, the CTDI fiber-optic line is suitable for any application requiring durable, high-quality, and reliable cabling. Assemblies are currently available in simplex, duplex, and up to 24-pair fan-out construction with SC, LC, and ST connector options, and are constructed using singlemode or multimode fiber. Hybrid connection and custom length assemblies, priced up to 10% lower than competitive products, are also available. All products meet Telecordia GR-326 compliance standards and undergo rigorous in-house testing to ensure quality.Custom Test Design Inc. (CTDI),

E-PING polarization-independent telecom gratings will be produced on an OEM basis to specific customer requirements; with standard specifications, the gratings offer greater than 90% diffraction efficiency, less than 0.25-dB polarization-dependent loss, and less than 0.25-dB wavelength-dependent loss. These specifications are upheld over an extended wavelength range of 1,510 to 1,596 nm. Manufacturers of wavelength-selective switches and reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexers have adopted the gratings as a result of the inherent stability of the fused silica transmission grating technology over a broad bandwidth. The E-PING grating also has been incorporated into the extended wavelength I-MON FBG Sensor System interrogation monitors.
Ibsen Photonics,

The AEL2000 family of SFP+ PHY/SerDes includes single- and multichannel LAN PHY devices that combine low-power PHY/SerDes technology with the fully compliant IEEE 802.3aq 10GBase-LRM EDC engine. The devices include 10-Gbit transmit pre-emphasis and support for special SGMII modes to facilitate backward compatibility with 1GbE SFP applications. They also feature integrated PRBS and packet-level test pattern generators and checkers for effective device built-in self test (BIST) functions. The AEL2000 family of SFP+ PHYs is designed to address all the emerging system architectures. The devices provide added flexibility by interoperating with linear SFP+ modules, limiting SFP+ modules, and copper (twin-ax).Aeluros Inc.,
Splice-on connector systemA new splice-on connector system increases speed and limits insertion loss during field fiber repair and customized FTTH/FTTP installations. FITEL’s innovative connector termination system consists of factory-polished ferruleswith precleaved fiber stubs along with high-strength, snap-on connector assemblies, available with SC and FC connector types. Total insertion loss using this fusion splice termination method measures 0.3 dB or less for singlemode fiber. The connector termination feature on the FITEL S122A clad alignment splicer and FITEL S177A core alignment splicer eliminates the need for splice trays, resulting in easier fiber management, reduced storage requirements, and faster installation times.Furukawa America Inc.,

The benchtop AutoCleaver S1 automatically detects the edge of a fiber’s coating and adjusts the bare fiber length to a preset value. (The requested bare fiber length must be specified by the customer.) The cleaver is available for 80- and 125-µm fibers. Cleave angles are typically less than 0.3°. For example, the standard deviation of the bare length is ±0.01 for a 125/250-µm fiber and ±0.06 for a 80/170-µm fiber (bare fiber length in both cases was 3.4 mm). A built-in microprocessor controls all the vital parameters and settings. The AutoCleaver S1 has a diamond blade with an extensive life, controlled by a patent-pending system that generates optimal cleave angles.
Nyfors Teknologi AB,

The Fiber Optic Connectors DVD is the eighth release in the Staff Development series of instructional DVDs. This DVD focuses on the many disciplines that are associated with connector termination, testing, inspection, and cleaning. The material is divided into menu-selectable chapters for easy access. Quizzes are included for content review and/or testing. Other covered topics include discrete parts of connectors; optical and mechanical tolerances and their impact on optical performance; an in-depth look at how to achieve the best possible performance; and specialty connectors such as multifiber connectors, military and aerospace connectors, attenuators, terminators, and loopback devices.The Light Brigade,

Five new fiber-optic connector cleaning kits are now available. The kits include items such as an inspection scope, alcohol cleaning wipes, adapter swabs, and reel cleaners. 200X and 400X microscopes are also available. Each kit is neatly packed in one of two available carrying cases. Supplies are also priced to sell separately for restocking.
Fiberdyne Labs Inc.,

Server configuration tool
Configuration Manager radically reduces software test cycles through automated reconfiguration of computers used in test lab environments. The software allows test engineers to automate the setup, archiving, and restoration of any UNIX, Windows, or Linux computer in about 15 minutes to one hour. The system is designed for test labs, providing transparency to the configured device.
EdenTree Technologies Inc.,

With the Aptixia IxNetwork 5.20 application running on the Optixia hardware platform, engineers can test the routing control plane and simultaneously stress the data plane by directing both real-world video traffic and packet-based network traffic over emulated topologies. The application characterizes the performance and scalability of routers, switches, and other Layer 2/3 forwarding devices by running large-scale routing protocol emulations and generating realistic video traffic. Technologies supported include IP routing, MPLS, multicast, and bridging.

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