2004 SuperComm Product Showcase

Th 151213
Th 151213

For telecommunications, multiple-system, and wireless service providers, the FlashWave 4500 multiservice provisioning platform (MSPP) delivers carrier class optical transport for all traditional SONET applications, while supporting Ethernet, digital video, and integrated M13 multiplexing. Within a network, the MSPP can now be easily expanded to become a multiservice switching platform to support the high-capacity grooming applications that previously required a digital-crossconnect system.
Fujitsu, Richardson, TX, www.fnc.fujitsu.comTh 151164

The CoreStream Agility optical transmission system provides DWDM transport capacity of 2 Tbits/sec over a single fiber in the C-band alone and integrates optical transport and software-enabled wavelength switching. For service providers requiring scalable capacity, design flexibility, and network automation, the system has an open architecture that enables efficient transport of voice, video, and data for new and existing service offerings.
Ciena, Linthicum, MD, www.ciena.comTh 151165

A customer-located device owned and operated by the service provider, the ETX-102 network termination unit provides a clear demarcation point for Ethernet services, permitting end-to-end control over the fiber local loop up to the customer premises. It allows the operator to separate each user's traffic and offer services such as interoffice LAN connectivity, Internet access, and secure virtual private networks at incremental access rates as well as service-level-agreement enforcement.
RAD Data Communications, Mahwah, NJ, www.radusa.comTh 151166

The SONET-based VLX2006 multiservice access platform delivers legacy DS-1/DS-3 and Fast Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet services in an environmentally hardened package. This OC-48 add/drop multiplexer provides fully protected Ethernet ports for transporting business-critical traffic. The Ethernet protection allows carriers to offer premium data and video transport with the carrier class reliability expected of traditional TDM traffic.
White Rock Networks, Richardson, TX, www.whiterock.comTh 151167

A carrier class generic framing protocol-based multiplexer, the GigaEdge 2330 provides 4*ANY flexibility for efficient aggregation of voice, video, data, and storage networking services and uses small-form-factor-pluggable optics for further flexibility. It interfaces to existing network architectures as well as new builds, enabling carriers to enhance broadband delivery.
RBN, San Francisco, www.rbni.comTh 151168

The 484 Last Mile Gateway (LMG) fiber to the premises subscriber equipment for single-family, business, and MDU installations features triple play services, flexible port counts, bandwidth management at the port level, and increased reliability/quality of service (QoS) for applications ranging from Internet surfing to on-demand IP video. The LMG series comes with four data ports for single-family installations and is available in non-modular four-port and modular eight-port MDU versions. Bandwidth is managed in 64-kbit/sec increments, and each port receives its own dedicated or on-demand QoS level.
Wave7 Optics, Alpharetta, GA, www.wave7optics.comTh 151169

Conversion to fiber to the premises (FTTP) can be done by deploying FiberDirect AccessMAX passive-optical-network card, software, and optical-network terminals (ONTs). The FiberDirect FTTP platform is available with optical line terminal, integrated voice gateway, and ONT. AccessMAX's voice switch interface supports all types of switch interfaces, including GR-303/V5.2, TR-08/V5.1, TR-57, and soon H.248 softswitch.
AFC, Petaluma, CA, www.afc.comTh 151170

Specifically designed for access networks, the FSP 150 fiber services platform allows fast and efficient rollout of Ethernet services to a wide range of geographically dispersed end users.
ADVA Optical Networking, Mahwah, NJ, www.advaoptical.comTh 151171

The metro-regional component of the High-Speed Metro (HSM) services architecture, the 7200 OADX optical add/drop switch is a carrier class, fully reconfigurable, wavelength networking system that addresses fiber relief and enables high-speed services. Combining the efficiency of WDM transmission with the flexibility and transparency of a wavelength switch, it is ideal for regional applications of up to 600-km optical links.
Meriton Networks, Ottawa, Ontario, www.meriton.comTh 151172

The RAYexpress optical add/drop multiplexer (OADM) provides a versatile, compact platform for wavelength services in access and regional applications. It features DWDM transport of virtually any optical protocol; scalability up to 40 wavelengths per fiber; ring, point-to-point, and mesh topologies; configurable protection on a per-channel basis; and service aggregation/termination in the same shelf to maximize wavelength utilization and NEBS. Any combination of wavelengths can be added/dropped without channel-stranding or unnecessary engineering complexity.
Movaz Networks, Norcross, GA, www.movaz.comTh 151173

Providing better management of fiber to the premises (FTTP) equipment and installations, the OmniReach FTTP portfolio includes fiber distribution terminals, fiber access terminals, splitter modules, and drop cables to ensure long-time reliability, flexibility within the outside plant cabinet environment, and craft-friendliness.
ADC, Minneapolis, www.adc.comTh 151174

Providing remote SNMP management, VLAN tagging, and line provisioning up to 100 Mbits/sec in Ethernet private line and transparent LAN applications, Access EtherLinX supports multimode, singlemode, and single-strand fiber. Installation is easy with wall-mount brackets or the optional fiber management enclosure. Remote configuration, monitoring, and management capabilities eliminate site visits after initial setup. More bandwidth can be allocated in seconds from the central office without changing out any equipment in the field.
IMC Networks, Foothill Ranch, CA, www.imcnetworks.comTh 151175

Combining the programmability of a digital crossconnect with the flexibility of small-form-factor-pluggable interfaces and ease of use of passive multiplexing/demultiplexing, the Multiwave crossconnect WDM platform can support up to 72 channels (144 ports) of CWDM and DWDM connectivity for any data rate from 1 Mbit/sec to 4.25 Gbits/sec per channel. Engineered into a high-density, highly modular design, the complete system fits into less than 6U of rack space.
MRV Communications, Chatsworth, CA, www.mrv.comTh 151216

The ONS 15454 multiservice transport platform (MSTP) Release 4.7 provides reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexing and intelligent DWDM functions to help ensure flexibility and ease of use for the photonic layer of metro and regional networks. Its comprehensive suite of transparent wavelength-service interfaces includes DCN and SAN (1- and 2-Gbit/sec Fibre Channel, Escon, and Ficon); Gigabit Ethernet and 10-Gigabit Ethernet (LAN/WAN); SONET/SDH (OC-3/STM-1 to OC-192/STM-64); and intelligent DWDM (D1, HDTV, and wavelength-based data services).
Cisco Systems, San Jose, CA, www.cisco.comTh 151177

For telephony, video, and data applications over 100 Mbits/sec, the QoStream PG1000 upgradable, network management broadband gateway provides 1 × 100Base-FX, 4 × POTS lines, 4 × 10/100Base-TX ports, and wireless Ethernet. Wire-speed switching via priority levels ensures quality of service. Supporting single/multiple dwellings, virtual LANs allow ports to be split between subscribers/providers. Access can be rate-limited to enforce bandwidth rules, and video streams can be limited to provide different channel subscriptions.
Amedia Networks, Holmdel, NJ, www.amedianetworks.comTh 151178

The LightLeader 3710 intelligent all-optical protection switch provides 1+1 or 1:1 optical-channel protection and gives carriers and service providers the same flexibility and control to change customer thresholds and support service-level agreements for optical services that customers now have for traditional services. Housed in slim 1U enclosures, a pair of these field-upgradable protection-switching systems supports one to eight unidirectional or one to four bidirectional optical channels to allow efficient initial deployment.
Lynx Photonic Networks, Calabasas Hills, CA, www.lynxpn.comTh 151179

For FTTX metropolitan broadband, enterprise edge, and wide-temperature industrial-control applications, iConverter 10/100M with integrated SNMP/Telnet management supports Q-and-Q virtual LANs, quality of service, port access, bandwidth control, and MIB statistics. The 10/100-Mbit/sec copper-to-fiber converter is available as a plug-in module, tabletop, or wall-mountable unit.
Omnitron Systems Technology, Irvine, CA, www.omnitron-systems.com

The "ADM-on-a-chip"-based OC-192 subsystem is available to OEMs in the form of a reference design to create a full-featured 10-Gbit/sec SONET/SDH add/drop multiplexer. With 40-Gbit/sec total capacity and <100 W of power consumption, the subsystem can be packaged in a "pizza box" form factor with dual 10-Gbit/sec XFP line and eight multirate small-form-factor-pluggable tributary interfaces, which are software-configurable for OC-3/-12/-48 or Gigabit Ethernet traffic to function as a standalone multiservice provisioning platform.
Parama Networks, Santa Clara, CA, www.paramanetworks.comTh 151180

The fully integrated FTTX optical distribution cabinet features high-density patch, splice, and splitter capabilities in a single cabinet, with the capacity to serve up to 576 homes. The cabinet includes patch trays that provide excellent bend radius protection and simple port access, compact tray-based splitter modules to help share laser costs among 32 end users, simple compact splice cassettes, and advanced cable management engineered throughout the cabinet.
Telect, Liberty Lake, WA, www.telect.comTh 151181

The FDH fiber distribution hub provides connections between fiber-optic cables and optical splitters in outside plant environments. These enclosures connect feeder and distribution cables via power splitters in fiber to the premises applications. They are NEMA-4X-rated, lightweight for easy installation, and breathable to prevent moisture accumulation. Pre-terminated with stub cables and pre-assembled with high-performance connectors and splitters, the hub is available in three configurations (feeder counts 144, 216, 432) for both pole or pedestal mount.
Fiber Optic Network Solutions (FONS), Northboro, MA, www.fons.comTh 151182

The fiber to the home and premises 1310/1490/1550-nm bidirectional high-isolation filter wavelength-division multiplexers (three-port and compact) are suited for optical-network-unit and optical-line-terminal equipment units. The multiplexers use high-performance thin-film interference filters to provide excellent bandpass performance over extended outdoor as well as controlled operating environments. They provide reduced insertion loss, high transmission and reflection channel isolation, and an epoxy-free optical path. High isolation on the return channel is critical for video insertion and demultiplexing.
Alliance Fiber Optic Products (AFOP), Sunnyvale, CA, www.afop.comTh 151183

The 50-Gbit/sec fiber Bragg grating filter with standard and athermal packages features high sideband rejection, high wavelength-locking accuracy, and high stability and reliability.
T&S Communications, Shenzhen, China, www.china-tscom.comTh 151196

The integration module for photonics manufacturing and OEM contract manufacturing services integrates active and passive components, including connectors and terminations, couplers, WDM components and modules, variable optical attenuators, switches, photodetectors, lasers, modulators, and transceivers.
Photop Technologies, Fuzhou Fujian, China, www.photoptech.com

The CWDM small-form-factor-pluggable transceivers come in eight wavelength channels (1470—1610 nm) compatible with ITU-T G.694.2. They can be applied in metro/access networks, including SONET/SDH/ATM, Gigabit Ethernet, and Fibre Channel. The transceivers support multirate operation up to 2.67 Gbits/sec and offer minimum link budgets of 18 or 28 dB. The digital-diagnostic function enables reliable performance monitoring of the optical link and quickly isolates faults to specific locations, simplifying maintenance and improving system reliability.
Fiberxon, Santa Clara, CA, www.fiberxon.comTh 151197

The TXN13600 10-Gbit/sec long-reach (80-km) full C-band tunable optical transceiver includes the TTX11500 full C-band tunable laser, which enables the design of metro and long-haul transport systems around one modular component instead of 80 separate devices and simplifies design activities. It's also possible to extend high-capacity DWDM technology into a such new telecom applications as multiservice provisioning platforms and core switches.
Intel, Santa Clara, CA, www.intel.comTh 151198

The FFP-TF full-band Fabry-Perot tunable filter operates from 1260 to 1620 nm, eliminating the need to design a multifilter system for this wide spectrum. Nonstandard wavelength filters for 1060 and 830 nm are also available.
Micron Optics, Atlanta, www.micronoptics.comTh 151199

For IEEE Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM)-compliant networks, the BIDI bidirectional transceivers are for Ethernet passive-optical-network and point-to-point topologies. They come in industry-standard small form factors and pluggables.
Infineon Technologies, San Jose, CA, www.infineon.comTh 151200

Part of a complete end-to-end system for standards-compliant high-performance Ethernet passive-optical-network (EPON) systems, the PAS5001 Gigabit Ethernet chip s suited for an EPON optical line terminal device or central-office optical-network unit (ONU). It integrates the Ethernet media access control functionality with EPON protocol management on a single chip. Works with the PAS6001 ONU device.
Passave Technologies, Santa Clara, CA, www.passave.comTh 151201

The four- and eight-channel variable-optical-attenuator (VOA) arrays feature electro-optically controlled silica planar-lightwave-circuit (PLC) technology, which allows the VOAs to operate with significantly less thermally induced polarization-dependent loss. Their highly miniaturized design draws many times less power and operates between 1.5- and 20-dB extinction. The VOAs come fully packaged and tested for discrete operation or in "chip-only" configuration for module integration with other PLC functions.
Optimer Photonics, Columbus, OH, www.optimerphotonics.comTh 151202

For metro optical access networks, the PM5337 ADM 622 and PM5338 ADM 622 PDHs are fully integrated systems-on-chip. The OC-3/STM-1 and OC-12/STM-4 devices are suited for remotely deployed SONET/SDH add/drop multiplexers and terminal multiplexers. They enable deployment of PDH and Ethernet-based services with a very small footprint.
PMC-Sierra, Santa Clara, CA, www.pmc-sierra.comTh 151203

The FAM fiber-analysis module is added to the modular STT scalable test toolkit platform to provide all the necessary tools for installing and maintaining fibers: dual-wavelength optical time domain reflectometer, visual fault locator, bidirectional optical loss test set, optical return loss testing, and variable optical attenuator. It operates in instrument mode (with touchscreen and power modules) and as a standalone remote unit (module only).
Sunrise Telecom, San Jose, CA, www.sunrisetelecom.comTh 151204

The CMA 5300 CD-OTDR is an easy to use, single-ended tester that measures dispersion over a wide band from 1300 to 1625 nm in metro applications. It incorporates chromatic dispersion testing, optical time domain reflectometer, loss test set, power meter, light source, and optical return loss testing into one module. The unit uses six wavelengths to perform a test, thus providing highly accurate, field-deployable time-of-flight measurements.
NetTest, Utica, NY, www.nettest.comTh 151205

A fully integrated, very-high-speed, high-resolution measurement and characterization system, the M510, combined with OmniVue XP parametric analysis software, provides fast, accurate behavior analysis of micro-optic electromechanical (MOEMS) components. The system includes two programmable arbitrary waveform generators, four high-voltage static channels, a built-in device under test thermal management system, and a high-performance integrated vision system. It can measure cantilevered or piston motion with nanometer precision at frequencies up to 6 MHz.
WaveFront Instruments, Golden, CO, wavefrontinstruments.comTh 151207

The FTB-7000D optical time domain reflectometer offers a 1-m-event dead zone to easily locate and characterize events between the transmitter and central office's fiber distribution panel in metro, access, and fiber to the home applications. It provides triple-wavelength configurations—1310/1490/1550 nm (FTTX-ready) and 1310/1550/1625 nm; fast trace acquisition to reduce testing time; up to 128,000 sampling points for increased trace resolution; and linearity of ±0.03 dB/dB for high measurement accuracy.
EXFO, Vanier Quebec, www.exfo.com

Providing end-to-end testing of entire networks and in-depth analysis of individual network elements, the N2X multiport test platform enables service innovation for next-generation converged multiservice IP networks. Service attributes of entire networks can be verified and the problems isolated down to individual networking devices and subsystems. Ultimate performance and scalability of network equipment are measured.
Agilent Technologies, Palo Alto, CA, www.agilent.com Th 151209

The A3308 optical standards tester can automatically measure sensitivity, stressed receiver sensitivity, bit-error rate versus optical-signal-to-noise ratio, and path penalty optical overload. It supports 1.062- to 11.3-Gbit/sec rates. Measurement repeatability is 10 times better than rack and stack equipment. Secured-Accuracy calibration eliminates worries about test-set drift, and IntelliScript speeds and simplifies testing. SONET/SDH, OTN, packet over SONET, and 10-Gigagbit Ethernet LAN/WAN protocols are included to test Layer 1 with Layer 2 and 3 traffic.
Circadiant Systems, Allentown, PA, www.circadiant.comTh 151210

With very low intrinsic jitter of 50 mUIp-p, the MP1590A-30 high-precision jitter-analysis option for the MP1590A network performance tester enhances the measurement accuracy (±20 mUIp-p) and repeatability (±5 mUIp-p) of jitter generation measurements. With the option, the tester supports the phase-analysis method recommended in the revised ITU-T Draft 0.172 (2003.11).
Anritsu, Richardson, TX, www.anritsu.com

The HyperLink Blue high-performance very-low-loss patch cord with 10-mm bend radius is designed specifically for DWDM applications of OC-48 and higher. It is available in all connector types with customer-specific lengths.
Atlanta Cable Sales, Suwanee, GA, www.atlantacable.comTh 151211

Portable, full-featured, easy to use, and easy to learn, the Type-25 handheld splicers are designed for deployment of FTTX and fiber to the premises applications, with fusion splicing reliability. It features two single fusion splicers and a four-fiber mass splicer as well two cameras with splice estimation.
Sumitomo Electric Lightwave, Research Triangle Park, NC, www.sumitomoelectric.comTh 151212

With the comprehensive OptiPlanner for multitechnology optical networks, cost and scale implications of optical-crossconnect, reconfigurable-add/drop-multiplexer, MWS, and tunable-laser technologies can be compared to existing approaches to metro and long-haul DWDM networks. Network planners, network architects, systems engineers, and product managers can develop cost-optimized network plans for transparent or opaque optical networks. Capacity planning, grooming, protection, and restoration can be coordinated between the photonic and electronic layers.
Optiwave, Ottawa, Ontario, www.optiwave.com

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