June 1, 2002
Optical-networking systemTitanium Optical Network System is being developed as a core transport solution that combines LR and ULR DWDM with optical core switching and grooming in a single integrated platform, offering carriers radical switching scalability at reduced costs. With Titanium's scalable architecture, long-distance carriers will be able to deploy a system initially with a small switching capacity to meet their current needs and subsequently add capacity in a linear "pay-as-you-grow" fashion without forklift upgrades.Altamar Networks, Mountain View, CAFOR FREE DATA, enter NO. 300 at
Network integrating solutionAgile Networking Solution integrates the C420 Dynamic Optical Networking System DWDM platform and M900 LightWave Management Suite. It allows carriers to optimally carry the full range of long-haul and ultra-long-haul traffic on the same platform. The C420 offers both 10- and 40-Gbit/sec line rates on the same C- or L-band system to minimize network overlays, reduce stranded bandwidth, and provide a highly scalable solution.Ceyba Inc., Ottawa, Ontario FOR FREE DATA, enter NO. 301 at
Optical services platformOptical Services Activation Platform 1600 is designed for small to mid-sized multi-user facilities. Built for the migration from TDM to emerging packet services, the platform offers Ethernet as a simple software-tunable customer entry point to packet services that include Ethernet private line, frame relay, ATM, and Internet access. The multiservice architecture protects current revenues with support for traditional voice and private-line services.Appian Communications, Acton, MA FOR FREE DATA, enter NO. 302 at
GbE IP platform switchThe T5G multi-Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) IP platform, the newest member of the company's T-Series enterprise product line, is a high-density nonblocking GbE switch capable of supporting 10-GbE ports over copper with 10/100/1000BaseT or 1000BaseSX fiber with two GBIC modules. Equipped with the BiNOS operating system, the Layer 2 switch offers easy installation, supports a broad range of standards, and provides enhanced network functionality.Telco Systems, Foxboro, MA FOR FREE DATA, enter NO. 303 at
Photonic-networking solutionThe AgileCore family of core photonic networking products easily adapts to unforecasted demand resulting from a wavelength service or underlying infrastructure, reduces time-to-service, and provides carriers with the ability to scale network bandwidth. With base technology such as tunable filters, tunable ULR lasers, and photonic switching, AgileCore delivers a new technology suite that, according to the company, will "automate" the core. This combination of capabilities eliminates wavelength engineering and replaces lengthy engineering cycles with point-and-click provisioning. AgileCore delivers dynamic wavelength assignment, A-Z, without the need for intermediate optical-electrical-optical conversions.Innovance Networks, Piscataway, NJ FOR FREE DATA, enter NO. 304 at
Add/drop switchThe 7200 optical add/drop switch (OADX) integrates optical switching and transmission within a single unit, delivering immediate reductions in cost, space, and network complexity for carriers. The switch is a wavelength-transparent solution (bit-rate- and protocol-independent) providing performance monitoring and network management. It allows existing services to grow while also enabling transparent wavelength services.Meriton Networks, Ottawa, Ontario FOR FREE DATA, enter NO. 305 at
Link access/media conversionThe DLA22, designed for a variety of fiber-optic access applications, features two fiber ports and two TP ports for connection of local stations/LANs. It facilitates fiber-optic distances up to 150 km, independent from the nature of the local networks. The DLA22's architecture allows deployment as a media converter with a redundant link (fast recovery) and singlemode to multimode applications. The device may also be deployed as an access device in add/drop architectures (ring/string topologies). All models are available in SNMP in-band managed versions.FibroLAN, Yoqneam Illit, Israel FOR FREE DATA, enter NO. 306 at
Optical access systemThe company's 2000 platform optical access system preserves existing TDM-based revenue, while facilitating a migration to new areas of converged multiservices. The system is based on Ethernet passive-optical-network transport that enables service providers to deliver affordable broadband services. Its access management system combines EMS, service creation, and subscriber management in an integrated software suite that enables remote provisioning, monitoring, troubleshooting, and network maintenance. Salira Optical Network Systems Inc., Santa Clara, CA FOR FREE DATA, enter NO. 307 at
10-GbE media converterThe XGMC-1001L 10-Gigabit Ethernet (10-GbE) media converter allows for 10-GbE 120-km link length with 24-dB link budget. It features 10-GBase-LR/SR user port, 2-U height, hot-swappable dual power supply, 1.55-micron wavelength, Speed: 10.3125-Gbit/sec transmission speed (10-GbE LAN PHY-compatible), fast link relay, loopback function, optical power monitor, bit-error-rate performance monitor, and payload-rate monitor. Hitachi Cable, San Jose, CA FOR FREE DATA, enter NO. 308 at
Multifunction networking systemCityStream 5000 combines into one compact element the functions of an ATM service access multiplexer, an ATM switch, a wideband TDM crossconnect, and an add/drop multiplexer. The latest version supports popular ATM services-constant, unspecified, and real time variable bit rates-and can support any combination of clear-channel DS-3, channelized DS-3, and ATM DS-3 in the same multiport DS-3 module. CityStream's VT or wideband crossconnect functionality allows carriers to push switching and grooming closer to the edge, where these functions can be performed more economically, according to the company, and saves floor space and power.Metro Optix Inc., Allen, TX FOR FREE DATA, enter NO. 309 at
OADM/DWDM platformThe TRX-24000 metro-optimized optical add/drop multiplexing/DWDM platform operates in active or "transponder-less" mode, while delivering robust optical-layer management. It provides proactive optical service assurance using integrated wavelength trace and monitoring capabilities, delivers integrated packet-switching capabilities, and supports packet service-level-agreement assurance.Tropic Networks, Ottawa, Ontario FOR FREE DATA, enter NO. 310 at
FTTB PON systemFiberSLAM 1000 is a fiber-to-the-business passive-optical-network system that allows service providers to allocate scalable Ethernet bandwidth and uses multiple classes of service for permanent virtual circuit connections. The system's features include an optical-network terminal with a two-port 10/100Base-T Ethernet option card for independent Internet and Intranet LAN connection; optical line terminal that accommodates an Ethernet transmission path to SONET ATM networks via OC-3 network interfaces; and element-management system with a TL-1 northbound interface to legacy network-management systems.NEC Eluminant Technologies Inc. (eLUMINANT), Chantilly, VA FOR FREE DATA, enter NO. 311 at
Fiber-management traysThe FMT fiber-management trays enable termination, termination/splicing, termination/storage, and slack storage for optical fibers in a compact, single-rack-unit panel. The all-front-access trays feature sliding radius limiters for error-proof slack loop management and 30-mm bend radius protection within the tray. Sliding adapter packs allow easy access for connecting jumpers and cleaning connectors, ensuring that any fiber can be installed or removed without inducing a macrobend on an adjacent fiber. The trays are lockable, further ensuring integrity of the fibers by greatly reducing the chance for accidents.ADC, MinneapolisFOR FREE DATA, enter NO. 312 at
Metro optical access platformThe PacketWave E-Series metro optical access platform is a compact multiservice resilient packet ring-based (RPR) platform for customer premises applications The platform's "pizza-box" footprint is designed for deployment in multitenant units, campus networks, and the enterprise. Based on the emerging RPR MAN standard, E-Series provides full support for TDM voice and circuit services, while delivering a range of new differentiated data services.Luminous Networks, Cupertino, CA FOR FREE DATA, enter NO. 313 at
SONET multiservice platformThe ONS 15454 SONET multiservice platform combines SONET/SDH transport; integrated optical networking, including ITU grid wavelengths and DWDM; multiservice interfaces on demand, including Ethernet; and TDM services. It provides the functions of multiple network elements in a single platform and combines the capacity of optical transport with the intelligence of IP to deliver next-generation voice and data services.Cisco Systems Inc., San Jose, CA FOR FREE DATA, enter NO. 314 at
Multiservice switchNetwork Virtuoso 3.0 multiservice application switch is a single solution for Layer 2 ATM, frame relay, MPLS, and Gigabit Ethernet switching and mediation; Layer 3 routing; and Layers 4-7 applications control. The platform operates over current network infrastructures and can expand networks with any technology by establishing any-network-to-any-network connectivity via a single PVC, without upgrading existing premises equipment or changing the established network-addressing scheme. Network Virtuoso also has six DS-3 ports per card in channelized (DS-0) and unchannelized (DS-1) modes. Layer 4-7 capabilities include service aggregation, application classification, and priority management. Bandwidth is changed in seconds without physical provisioning.Aplion Networks, Edison, NJ FOR FREE DATA, enter NO. 316 at

Optical transport system
The PL16000 optical transport system, based on Layer 1-2 architecture, combines metro DWDM, service add/drop multiplexing, and optical crossconnect. The system allows carriers to deliver increased bandwidth and any type of network services, whether they are existing or new services.
PacketLight Networks, San Diego
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FTTB optical access solutionThe Optimate 2500 optical access solution supports the provisioning of broadband access networks for Ethernet and voice (DS-1/E1) services. It uses gigabit passive-optical-network technology to provide access loops running at up to 2.5 Gbits/sec per wavelength.FlexLight Networks Inc.,Kennesaw, GA FOR FREE DATA, enter NO. 317 at
SUBSYSTEMSWavelength switchingDesigned for OEM DWDM system providers, the CrossWave 1200 and 1200 Dual subsystems enable carriers to advance their networks from static DWDM transport to dynamic wavelength networks. The all-optical wavelength switching subsystems, which include switching optics and embedded control in a 3 RU chassis, are designed for deployment primarily in reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexing applications in existing DWDM networks as well as emerging mesh networks. They allow dynamic switching and remote provisioning of individual DWDM wavelengths by integrating demultiplexing, switching, and multiplexing into a single, purely photonic operation resulting in lower power and space requirements.Network Photonics, Boulder, CO FOR FREE DATA, enter NO. 318 at
Multifunction subsystemThe Photon.NET multifunction subsystem can be built around one or several intelligent switching matrices, resulting in millisecond switching times and no moving parts. Other built-in capabilities can include dynamic variable optical attenuation on all ports, optical performance monitoring, comprehensive element management, and selectable protection switching. The subsystem provides the ability to optically drop a signal at one location and continue it to further destinations in the network. This all-optical "drop and continue" function, according to the company, enables service providers to eliminate continuous conversion and reconversion of optical signals back to electrical signals in the "through paths" of optical networks.Lynx Photonic Networks,Calabasas Hills, CA FOR FREE DATA, enter NO. 319 at
COMPONENTSSFF optical receiverAs part of a multisource agreement aimed at standardizing 10-Gbit/sec receivers, the SFFBP12 small-form-factor optical receiver is designed for metro and long-haul applications where ultra-high sensitivity and wide dynamic range are required. The 10-Gbit/sec receiver package can be integrated into OC-192 transponders and line cards.PerkinElmer Optoelectronics, Fremont CA FOR FREE DATA, enter NO. 320 at management systemService Selection Center (SSC) for the Enterprise is a new integrated service management system that enables carriers to provide network access flexibility and functionality. SSC allows end users to drive their own enterprise access network, providing them with the ability to self-select the amount of bandwidth and the types of services they need at the exact time they are needed. By having the capability to simultaneously create and deploy a wide variety of services, carriers are able to eliminate provisioning pains such as call centers, truck rolls, and lengthy periods of time before services are activated.Unisphere Network, Westford, MAFOR FREE DATA, enter NO. 321 at
1310-nm NZDSFWith operation at 1310 nm and low positive dispersion, TeraLight Metro nonzero dispersion-shifted fiber (NZDSF) allows operators to futureproof their citywide backbone rings. It is specifically designed to support the demands of wavelength routing, high capacity, and high speed (10 Gbit/sec and beyond) in backbone rings of up to 200 km. Optimized for efficient operation at high data rates, TeraLight Metro minimizing the need for dispersion compensation and signal regeneration.Alcatel, Plano, TXFOR FREE DATA, enter NO. 322 at
All-optical switchesFree X all-optical switches are based on solid free-space (SFS) technology, whereby solid-state elements control polarization without any moving parts. The Free X 1x2 fast switches feature low insertion loss, high granularity, built-in power monitoring, and an easy-to-integrate digital interface.Civcom, Petach Tikva, Israel FOR FREE DATA, enter NO. 323 at
SFF transceiverThe XTM-72 transceiver uses state-of-the-art optically enabled IC technology. Its small form factor is achieved by massively parallel optical transmitters and receivers; custom IC design, which includes on-chip laser drivers and receiver amplifiers; breakthroughs in electro-optic packaging; and the use of a new high-density ferrule for 72-fiber MT form-factor connectors that incorporate a 6x12 array of multimode fibers. The XTM-72 contains 36 transmit and 36 receive channels operating asynchronously up to 3.125 Gbits/sec per channel. Due to its smaller size and therefore less use of circuit board space, the transceiver is ideal for a variety of interconnect applications.Xanoptix, Merrimack, NH FOR FREE DATA, enter NO. 324 at
OSP ribbon cableDriTube gel-free outside plant ribbon cable is based on a patent-pending dry water block yarn design that eliminates cable gel solvents and therefore seepage into splice closures and reduces preparation, installation, termination, and splicing time. DriTube cable can be used in the same applications-duct, aerial (lashed), and buried-as conventional outside plant ribbon cables. Various counts are available up to 432 fibers.Sumitomo Electric Lightwave, Research Triangle Park, NC FOR FREE DATA, enter NO. 325 at
Long-haul NZDFTrueWave REACH fiber, coupled with the company's fully matched RightWave dispersion compensating module, features low dispersion slope, excellent dispersion compensation over the widest bandwidth, and low system polarization-mode dispersion.OFS, Norcross, GAFOR FREE DATA, enter NO. 326 at
WaveplatesDesigned to provide component engineers flexibility and performance, True Zero Order Waveplates offer low temperature sensitivity, epoxy-free, C- or L-band retarders with wavelength/100 tolerance. The waveplates have low surface roughness and low insertion loss waveplates and are available in prototype and production quantities.CVI Laser Corp., Albuquerque, NM FOR FREE DATA, enter NO. 326 at
Mini couplersCompact Package (mini size) couplers measure just 25 mm and are constructed with fused biconic taper, supporting wideband wavelengths, low insertion loss, and high directivity for various splitting ratios in 1x2 and 2x2.FiberCom Optics Communication Corp., Hsin Tien City, Taipei Hsien, TaiwanFOR FREE DATA, enter NO. 327 at
TEST EQUIPMENTWDM-enabled multiline OSAThe multiline optical spectrum analyzer (OSA) enables systems manufacturers and carriers to continuously test and monitor narrow channels with sub-picometer resolution. Features include up to 0.4-pm true optical resolution, continuous and simultaneous measurement of hundreds of frequencies, and no scanning using moving parts. A two-dimensional (2-D) 80x80 array can be produced using two cross-paired WDM devices. One dimension of the array is a coarse frequency measurement, and the other dimension is a fine frequency measurement. Placement of a matching 2-D detector array at the focal plane of the WDM enables the OSA to continuously monitor the wavelengths.Essex Corp., Columbia, MD FOR FREE DATA, enter NO. 329 at
Swept wavelength systemThe OTS9600 Series, a new set of optical test modules for the company's OTS family, is a swept wavelength measurement system that specifically addresses physical layer testing for passive optical components. The modules offer high wavelength resolution and accuracy (>1 pm) and a very responsive measurement time. The OTS9600 Series uses patent-pending wavelength reference technology, delivers a new set of tunable lasers, and includes an eight-channel power meter. Its swept wavelength system automatically calibrates before each measurement, eliminating the need for manual calibration and reducing the time per test.Tektronix Inc., Beaverton, OR FOR FREE DATA, enter NO. 330 at
PHY switchesIntellaPatch physical layer switches support OC-3, -12, and -48 data rates over fiber-optic lines. The switches are ideal for fiber-optic cable-pulling simulation, test-lab device configuration, analyzer insertion, remote-test access, and security. They are designed to use small-form-factor pluggable transceivers for "add-as-you-need" expandability as well as dual hot-swappable power supplies to ensure redundancy. IntellaPatch switches support multimode fiber for short-wavelength applications and singlemode fiber for long-wavelength applications.APCON Inc., Portland, OR FOR FREE DATA, enter NO. 331 at
DESIGN TOOLSAdd-on moduleNetScene Optical is an add-on module to the company's NetScene suite of software. The module allows users to place amplifier, regeneration, and dispersion equipment into a network design. Equipment types are all user-definable, so any manufacturer's equipment can be modeled. The optical network can be analyzed to find an optimal solution for the particular network topology and traffic/wave matrix. NetScene Optical can also design DWDM layers within a network down to laser level.The Network Design House, LondonFOR FREE DATA, enter NO. 332 at

Modular chassis systems
OpENShassiS pre-integrated modular chassis systems enable OEMs to rapidly deploy feature-rich switches for both enterprise and metro/access networks. The new product family comprises complete manufacturing-ready Layer 2/3/4-switching platforms designed to reduce development time for OEMs. The initial OpENShassiS family includes the 6408 and 9612 production-ready chassis, with a full range of optical, copper, and VDSL interfaces. The 6408 switch-router has eight interface slots with a choice of 8x10/100 Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet modules. The larger 9612 chassis has 12 slots with dual CPU cards for fault tolerance.
Radlan Inc., Santa Clara, CA and Tel Aviv, Israel Marvell, Sunnyvale, CA
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