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These are the latest products being featured by Lightwave’s partners. For more information, click on the link at the end of each description.

1109lwshow Ntest

These are the latest products being featured by Lightwave's partners. For more information, click on the link at the end of each description.

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Test and Measurement
NTest, Inc.

1109lwshow NtestRemote Fiber Monitoring System (RFMS) utilizing OTDR technology can quickly pinpoint fiber failures on a map, detect network intrusions, and track fiber degradation for core fibers and PON fiber deployments.

IP-ONE hybrid connector

1503lwshow SenkoSenko's IP-ONE is a cost effective hybrid connector designed for harsh environmental applications, providing power and optical connectivity together to any remote equipment. Senko IP-ONE reduces material cost, simplifies installation and has found applications in Front-haul, Backhaul, DAS and FTTX deployments. It's the connector of choice anywhere that requires both power and fiber remotely.

Test and Measurement
Optical Wavelength Meters
Bristol Instruments

1401lwshow BristolAbsolute wavelength of WDM lasers are measured to ± 0.3 pm, guaranteed by continuous calibration with a built-in wavelength standard. Reliable accuracy, a rugged design, and affordability satisfy the needs of the R&D scientist and the manufacturing engineer.

ADS-NEXT™ - New Final Polishing Film for Optical Connector
NTT Advanced Technology Corporation

1503lwshow NttADS-NEXT™ is a new generation final polishing film that keeps all the benefits of the world-renowned ADS™ final polishing film and achieves extended life-span by preventing excessive fiber undercut after repeated use.

Equipment Design
USB To Fiber Optic Bit-Driver
S.I. Tech

1103 04lwshow SitechSupports USB 1.1 and 2.0 plug and play, multimode or singlemode for secure communication, remote security cameras, instruments, or other USB devices, extended-distance. EMI/RFI immunity. Order: 1.KIT #26 for complete multimode system. 11.3181/3182 for tempest version.

Equipment Design
Fiber Optics Detectors
Newport Corporation

1503lfwshow NewportNewport's new 818-xx-L-FC/DB Photodiode Fiber Optic Detectors are based on the industry standard 818 Series detectors, but with a new 884-FC fiber optic adapter mounted on it, making it a low cost alternative. UV Silicon, Silicon, Germanium, and InGaAs versions are introduced. FC/APC and SMA connectors are easily accommodated by replacing the 884-FC with 884-FCA and 884-SMA, respectively. Unscrewing the fiber adapter makes it a free space detector.

The OP940-FTTX is here
OptoTest Corporation

1503lfwshow OptotestOptoTest launches the new OP940-FTTX Insertion Loss and Return Loss Tester, measuring cable assemblies and components for all FTTX wavelengths simultaneously. For detailed specifications visit

Test and Measurement
Terahertz Technologies Inc.

1503lwshow TerahertzThe affordable U.S. made FTE7000A touchscreen OTDR with 36dB range, IEC61300-3-35 video inspection system, CW laser light source, and broadband power meter is ideally suited for high density PON, Metro and Access networks. Contact us @ 888-U.S.-OTDRS (876-8377) or email for more on our full line of quality test equipment.

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