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Optical-system simulator
The new version of OptSim optical transmission system simulation software is up to 10 times faster with an improved fiber-simulation algorithm, according to the manufacturer. Two new simulations that have been added are Spectral Propagation Technique, which gives immediate feedback with estimated values of amplifier gains, power levels, and signal-to-noise ratio, and Variable Bandwidth simulation, which uses the split-step method over a fraction of the full system bandwidth to approximate the whole system. The software has no bandwidth limits. Greater than 30 THz can be accommodated in full split-step. The system offers full support for Linux 6.0.
Artis Software
San Francisco

Periodic multichannel DWDM
The PDX-100 is a 100-GHz periodic multichannel DWDM. This true passive device requires no temperature control. It combines the company's Mach-Zehnder InterLeaver and all-fiber technologies to offer periodic multiplexing and demultiplexing of optical transmission signals for 100-GHz or wider channel spacings. The unit is available in 2-, 4-, 8-, 16-, and 32-channel configurations for the ITU grid. The system is available with either a low-insertion loss Gaussian response or in a range of customized flat-top responses for wider-channel passbands. Specifications include a temperature stability of £0.002 nm/°C and insertion loss as low as £0.6 dB (typical).
ITF Optical Technologies
St.-Laurent, QC, Canada

InGaAs photodiode modules
This series of InGaAs photodiode modules is designed for cable-TV networks, DWDM systems, and microwave antenna feeding. At a reverse voltage of 6.5V, the DC-coupled photodiodes are able to deliver 15-mA output current into 50-ohm loads at 40 GHz for the PDMH40B units and 20 mA at 25 GHz for the PDMH25B units. According to the manufacturer, the photodiodes offer high conversion gains and full speed of response at a reverse bias voltage of 2.5V. The modules are packaged with singlemode pigtails, and the high-speed signal path comes with either V or K microwave connectors.
Opto Speed SA
Mezzovico, Switzerland
Th 0899lwe15

1x2 optomechanical switch
This 1x2 optomechanical switch has a switching time of less than 1 msec, wavelength independence at 1280 to 1615 nm, return loss of more than 65 dB, reliability of more than 100 Mio life cycles, and a temperature range of -40° to +75°C. Voltage design is based on customer requirements, 1.5V to 5V for line protection and basis element for crossconnects and add/drop. The unit measures 8x11x30.5 mm.
TECOS TelecommunicationSystems GmbH
Dusseldorf, Germany
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Tunable filters
The OTF-640 and OTF-645 optical tunable filters are designed for DWDM telecommunications systems. They use a linear sliding tuning mechanism that enables all optical properties, including PDL, bandwidth, and insertion loss, to be maintained over the full tuning range. A range of filters is available to provide a full selection of bandwidths, including those offering >25-dB channel isolation in 100-GHz- spaced DWDM systems. The devices are electronically tuned and use a stepper motor that enables a wavelength resolution of 0.01 nm to be achieved. The OTF-640 has a 15-nm tuning range, and the OTF-645 has a 30-nm tuning range. Typical applications include wavelength selection and monitoring, ASE noise reduction, and wavelength tracking.
Santec Europe Ltd.
Oxford, UK

Wavelength test system
The SWS15100 swept wavelength test system can scan from 1520 to 1570 nm with ±3-pm wavelength accuracy in six seconds plus one second per channel. It can test for a variety of parameters, including insertion loss, PDL, center wavelength, and bandwidth. Crosstalk, flatness, isolation, and ripple are provided by the system from analysis. The system is modular and designed with a distributed architecture so a single optical fiber is needed to connect the tunable laser source to each receiver. The system can test DWDM demultiplexers, bandpass filters, fiber Bragg gratings, isolators, switches, attenuators, and broadband couplers/splitters.
JDS Fitel
Nepean, ON, Canada
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Laser-diode mount
The LDM-4616 is a 2U-high rack-mountable 16-channel mount for butterfly laser diodes. Zero-insertion-force sockets, user-configurable pin headers, and interchangeable fiber-optic connectors on the front panel enable use of most butterfly-packaged lasers. Slide rollers allow access to the entire mounting tray. Fiber management is supported by integrated fiber spools for controlling excess pigtail fiber. Each socket provides electrical connections for laser drive current, photodiode feedback, TE cooler current, and thermistor sensor signals.
ILX Lightwave Corp.
Bozeman, MT

DWDM architecture
The SpectraHub 1550-nm dense wavelength-division multiplexing architecture accommodates the transmission of up to 33 forward QAM channels on each of 20 wavelengths, or transmitters, with the capability to add wavelengths as the scalable technology develops. The architecture delivers multiple wavelengths of targeted digital bandwidth on the same fiber for forward services like data, telephony, and video-on-demand. Each narrowcast wavelength can transmit multiple digitally modulated RF carriers directly from the headend to the hub.Philips Broadband Networks

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