New Products

Nov. 1, 1999
The flash150 SONET add/drop multiplexer combines traditional OC-3 (150-Mbit/sec) and OC-12 (622-Mbit/sec) operation with advanced bandwidth grooming and data-transport capabilities, enabling service providers to cost-effectively provide multiple services over a single, converged fiber-optic network. It supports the SONET network through OC-3 and OC-12 line rates, voice traffic through DS-1, DS-3, EC-1, and OC-3 interfaces, and data traffic via 10/100-Mbit/sec Ethernet, DS1 frame relay, DS-3 UNI, and OC-3/12 UNI ATM interfaces.
Fujitsu Network Communications Inc.
Richardson, TX

Hinged covers for pan-net cable-management systems are an alternative solution to fixed covers and facilitate access to all types of cables in multimedia applications, including UTP, ScTP, coax, and fiber. The covers can be opened in either direction and provide patch cable and routing flexibility. They can be ordered as an option with horizontal or vertical management panels or installed as a retrofit for panels already in the field.
Panduit Corp.
Oak Brook, IL

The Express GX offers bandwidth-management flexibility and has set a benchmark in cost-efficient delivery of the optical Internet in metropolitan-area networks. The Express GX platform will offer full VT-1.5 management flexibility and granularity and will be available in the first half of 2000.
Nortel Networks

The enhanced MegaWav multichannel DWDM platform increases fiber-optic network capacity to enable multiple video, voice, and data services to be carried across the same fiber infrastructure. It combines up to 16 inputs carrying high-quality video transmission in its native format that can be multiplexed with other services such as cable telephony and Internet access. Two MegaWav 16-channel platforms can be installed in a standard rack-mounting shelf less than 2 inches in height.
Artel Video Systems Inc.
Marlborough, MA

The ForeRunner ASX-4000 switch includes OC-48c ATM ports, true 40-Gbit/sec nonblocking switching capacity, market-leading signals, routing performance, carrier-class redundancy, traffic management, timing, and certifications. These new capabilities deliver sonet aps, 1+1 port redundancy, port-card redundancy, and fabric redundancy. Pricing starts at $55,000. <br>FORE Systems

Two new PurePath optical switches enable carriers to more cost-effectively manage the dynamic delivery of bandwidth in metropolitan and long-haul DWDM systems. The wavelength selective switch is based on liquid-crystal technology and, according to the company, is the first high-count, wavelength-selective optical switch that offers high isolation, low insertion loss, and a bidirectional design. The current model can switch up to 40 channels individually, each at 100 GHz, with uniformity of better than 1 dB across all channels. The switch is a reconfigurable optical add/drop module, capable of individually adding or dropping specific wavelengths, at 100 or 200 GHz, without any interruption of through traffic and can be designed for 2 to 12 wavelengths, depending on configuration requirements.
Corning Inc.
Corning, NY
The fiber-optic cable assemblies are built to withstand harsh environments. These cable assemblies use the company's Envirotight hermetic connectors, which can be used for mulitmode or singlemode applications. They are sealed in the front and back to protect the fiber from moisture or other harsh environments. Environmental testing has included thermal cycling (-55°C to +85°C), temperature/humidity (40°C, 95% RH), pressure (1520 torr), immersion in water with indicator dye, immersion in pH 11 fluid, and cable retention (25 lbs). The cable assemblies are for use in chemical-processing plants and marine environments.
Three E Laboratories
Montgomeryville, PA
The forward-error-correction chipset for OC-48/STM-16 SONET/SDH applications reduces the cost and improves the performance of WDM and other optical-communication equipment. The cornerstone of this chipset, the VSC9210, is the industry's first commercially available forward-error-correction device for 2.5-Gbit/sec telecom systems, according to the company. The VSC9210 improves optical signal-to-noise ratios of manufacturers' optical-communication links. It uses a single 3.3V supply and is delivered in a 208-pin, 28-mm PQFP. Pricing is $225 for quantities of 1000.
Vitesse Semiconductor Corp.
Camarillo, CA

This compact, robust laser-diode light source for fiber-optic applications uses a premium-quality light-emitting element and unique power-supply circuitry that can provide a stable light source for many years. The available wavelengths include 980, 1310, 1480, 1550, and 1625 nm, which is suitable for various applications in optical communica tions, including long-haul communication net work optical-cable characterization, optical testing and measurements, optical-signal processing, and fiber-optic data acquisition.
The CHAU Corp.
Fremont, CA

The MC2064 is a highly integrated, programmable FP/DFB laser driver intended for fiber-optic-based communications systems operating at up to 1.25 Gbits/sec. According to the company, it is the first to support DC coupled output at 3.3V operation and is available in TSSOP20, QSOP16 packages, or die form. This full-custom IC, fabricated in an advanced submicron BICMOS process, has a very wide operating operation, suitable for <100-Mbit/sec to 1.25-Gbit/sec applications. The outputs may be paralleled for 65-mA modulation. Both 3.3V and 5V operation are supported. Rise/fall times are substantially below the Gigabit Ethernet requirement of 250 psec.
Microcosm Communications
Bristol, England

The TeraChannel chipset's protocol-independent architecture offers scalability into the terabit range and provides 4x increased throughput in 1/4 of the real estate requirements. A 20-Gbit/sec TeraChannel fabric card requires only three fabric chips and can reside on a printed board measuring just 7x8 inches. First-generation TeraChannel technology provides up to 80 Gbits/sec of full duplex nonblocking user bandwidth and requires only six chips per fabric card. The compact nature is possible because of a very low-power, high-speed synchronous serial transceiver embedded within the chips, which enables high data throughput per fabric chip with low power consumption. Backplane size and routing complexity are reduced compared with lower-speed alternatives resulting in less space and more cost-effective designs.
Power X Limited
Manchester, England

The HP 86140 family of Optical-spectrum Analyzers (OSAs) offers built-in test applications to make complex and repetitive measurements easier, benchtop and portable models, dynamic range to characterize 50-GHz WDM system performance, and fast sweep speeds at high sensitivity to maximize measurement throughput. The OSA family achieves a close-to-ideal optical-filter shape with very steep walls. The 40-dB range at 25-GHz offset makes the product useful for testing WDM systems and components with 50-GHz-or-less narrow channel spacing.
Hewlett-Packard Co.
Santa Rosa, CA

The ±13 dBm distributed-feedback lasers offer a high-power laser source module with a ±0.5-nm tuning range around its central wavelength, which has the ability to test 100-GHz and 50-GHz spacing systems. It is particularly convenient for testing WDM optical amplifiers with large power levels at the amplifier-input port. The central wavelengths of each source can be selected on the ITU-T grid ranging from 1525 to 1565 nm. Part of the IQ-200 optical test system, the module provides ±0.01-nm setting accuracy, while maintaining a stable power output and spectrum.
Vanier, Quebec, Canada

The OMNI cable-test product offers version 3.0 of its OMNIScanner cable-certification tool, which includes patent-pending diagnostics, the OMNIFiber Adapter, which transforms OMNIScanner into a singlemode and multimode fiber-cabling certification tool; and ScanLink Cable Management Software Version 5. OMNIScanner certifies Category 5, 5E, and 6 cabling and provides measurements for Category 7. According to the company, OMNIScanner is the first product to feature patent pending Time-Domain NeXT and time-domain return-loss diagnostics. New features include the ability to perform diagnostics on failing links to distinguish between bad connections, patch cords, and cables. Time-domain diagnostics are displayed in graphical form with superimposed S-Band limits to pinpoint connection problems, allowing users to quickly and accurately isolate link faults in a fraction of the time previously required.
Microtest Inc.

The centralized DWDM test and monitoring system enables communications service providers to more easily, cost-effectively, and rapidly monitor, test, and resolve network issues for new and existing optical networks. The test system automates and conducts on-demand testing of multiple DWDM fibers and embedded OC-48 signals, including optical-power measurements, signal-to-noise ratio, graphical spectrum analysis, and SONET overhead analysis; pinpoints problems or potential problems; centralizes and remotely manages networks; monitors DWDM; accommodates future DWDM bandwidth growth with a flexible and scalable system architecture; integrates into existing network-management systems via standards-based interfaces.
Digital Lightwave Inc.
Clearwater, FL
The MS9710C optical-spectrum analyzer has excellent wavelength accuracy and linearity, dynamic range, and resolution over the 600- to 1750-nm wavelength. Wavelength accuracy is ±20 pm from 1530 to 1570 nm, and ±50 pm at 1620 nm, while wavelength linearity is ±20 nm. Dynamic range is 42 dB at 0.2 nm, optical-input level 23 dBm, and polarization dependency ±0.05 dB at 1600 nm. The analyzer can link measurements of up to 128 WDM signal channels with measurement results displayed as frequency. Housed in a 177x32x350 mm and weighs only 16.5 kg.
Richardson, TX
Designed for fiber-optic cable, the fo 7045 incorporates four stripping functions that can be programmed to allow for a variety of stripping combinations. The system process offers many different cable types and thickness up to a length of 77 mm and an outer diameter of up to 4.5 mm. The fo 7045 strips the outer jacket, Kevlar, and buffer and primary coating on the most commonly used singlemode and multimode cables in less than four seconds, according to the company.
Schleuniger Inc.
Manchester, NH
These indoor/outdoor buffer tube break-out kits are designed for field termination of any loose-tube cables with field-installable connectors. The kits feature a 900-micron break-out assembly that is color-coded to match the fiber color scheme. The outdoor kits have clear Teflon 900-micron color-coded tubes for easy identification. The furcation unit is available for any standard-sized buffer tube. The break-out assembly is available with 6- and 12-fiber kits with break-out tube lengths of 24 or 36 inches.
New Holland, PA
The JTK-4000R is a complete termination workstation for field and office terminations of fiber cables. This work-surface tool/drawer can be left in the case, removed, or attached to a telecom rack for closet work. The workstation has a collapsible, positive-pressure, see-through tent for work in dusty field conditions. A 115V filtered fan also helps to keep the dirt out. All tools and supplies are included, except connectors, epoxy, cable, ovens, and alcohol.
Jensen Tools
The FIS two-part is epoxy for connectorization where each epoxy is specifically engineered and produced for use in the assembly of fiber-optic connectors. The FIS Blue Dye Epoxy cures at 65°C for 1 hour or can be cured overnight at room temperature. The FIS Heat Cured Epoxy cures at 110°C in 15 minutes. The FIS epoxy is accurately pre-measured and packaged in a two-part plastic tubing with a moisture-resistant envelope available in either 2 or 4 grams.
Fiber Instrument Sales Inc.
Oriskany, NY

The 110 Rack-Mount Panel allows for rack-mounting two 100-pair wiring blocks (without legs) and two jumper troughs (without legs) on the company's Mighty Mo II cable-management rack or EIA 19-inch rack. The panel provides for rear entry of the horizontal cable to separate them from the patch cords and crossconnect wires. The kits are also available and come ready for field termination. Rack-mounting helps protect horizontal cables and makes moves, adds, changes, and troubleshooting easier.
Ortronics Inc.
Pawcatuck, CT

The Global Telecom Facilities Directory (GTFD) provides illustrated descriptions of international and domestic fiber-optic submarine cable. It is also available on CD-ROM with quick-reference point-and-click navigation as well as ongoing updates on all systems through its Website. Developed for telecommunications planners, the document is sold with three standard pricing plans.
T Soja & Associates Inc.
Brookline, MA
It-International Telecom Inc.
Kirkland, QC, Canada

This 200-page catalog features the company's full line of active and passive fiber-optic connectors and adapters, optoelectronic products, backplane solutions, cable assemblies, small-form-factor connectors, termination tooling, fiber-optic switches, and software for fiber tracking. It also contains passive fiber-optic networks, including passive-optical network devices, distribution enclosures, outside-plant enclosures, and frame systems. A glossary is included to help customers understand fiber-optic terms.
Molex Inc.
Lisle, IL

Two new training publications, Making the Right Decision and Effective Decision-Making and Problem Resolution, are designed to bring decision-makers up to speed on issues like the basics of successful businesses, working with others, use of resources, ethics, and customer focus. A five-step plan for actual decision-making provides a solid method for logical approaches to making effective business decisions in the workplace. Making the Right Decision provides training on decision-making for customer-service representatives and field personnel. Effective Decision-Making and Problem Resolution is for technicians and technical managers looking to sharpen their own techniques.
The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE)
Exton, PA

This four-page four-color illustrated brochure describes the company's semiautomatic Model 860 Omni border designed for low-volume production runs involving gold, solder, adhesive, or stud-bumped flip chips as well as laser diodes and eutectic die. Typical applications include flip-chip bonding solder-bumped die on PCB or flex circuitry, flip-chip bonding stud-bumped die with conductive adhesive on ceramic substrates, bonding edge-emitting laser diodes to submounts using gold tin preforms, and eutectic die bonding silicon die to ceramic substrates with multiple bond sites.
Semiconductor Equipment Corp.
Moorpark, CA

This 12-page brochure describes the company's line of ultra-high-speed 10- to 80-Gbit/sec InGaAs pin photodiodes and 40- to 60-Gbit/sec amplified photodetector receivers for telecom and photonics-research applications.
Discovery Semiconductor Inc.
Princeton Junction, NJ

The digital/analog megohmmeter catalog includes comprehensive information on the company's line of multiple voltage insulation, resistance, and continuity meters. The models 1030/1040/1045 combine test voltages from 250, 500, and 1000V and insulation measurements to 2000 Mohm. The catalog highlights the meters' features, benefits, and typical applications and provides full specifications and ordering information.
AEMC Instruments

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