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Nov. 1, 2000

Compiled by Leah Gladu

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Flex-Lite fiber-optic ribbon cables offer flexibility, density, flex life, and im pact resistance to meet telecommunication-market requirements and are available with industry-standard MPO connectors. Flex-Lite performs more than 1,000 flex cycles on a half-inch bend radius using standard gang connectors and splices.
W.L. Gore and Associates Inc.
Neward, DE


These semiconductor laser-pump modules have an NA of 0.15 and deliver over 1 W of power through a multimode, 100-micron core fiber. Standard output wavelengths include 915 nm for pumping Raman fiber lasers and 975 nm for co-doped EDFA pumping. All modules are supplied in the industry standard, 14-pin butterfly package. Products with an integrated thermo-electric cooler, as well as an uncooled version, are available.
Mountain View, CA


Operating at 1,300 nm, the FOtest'R OSP cable test kit tests singlemode fiber networks and cable plants in any outside plant environment, including telco, cable-TV, and utilities. The kit contains a FOtest'R Telco fiber-optic power meter and a FOtest'R S 1,300-nm laser source, both which end in SC connectors and can be adapted to fiber-optic cable plants using any connectors. The kit may be purchased online at
Medford, MA

SYSTEMS AND SUBSYSTEMSThe WDM Quad Loop Extender (WQLX) module enhances the versatility of the Soneplex system, an intelligent local-loop transmission platform. The WQLX will be deployed in the Soneplex Loop Extender chassis, which supports a DS-1 network interface and distributes 28 DS-1 loop-transport signals over fiber and copper. According to the company, the WQLX is ideal for low-density T1-based applications, such as extensions to PCS cell sites and distributions to various floors within a building. It delivers an optical 6-Mbit/sec signal to the customer premises at distances up to 18 miles, depending on fiber loss.ADC Telecommunications Inc.Minneapolis

A family of 10Base-FL fiber-optic Ethernet links, the Ethernet Hub 4900 series is an eight-port optical hub with internal power supplies. It can be powered directly by 24 to 48 Vdc or 90 to 250 Vac/dc. All hubs are available with 850-nm and 1,310-nm multimode and 1,350-nm singlemode optics.
Chelmsford, MA

The FlexSwitch 600XC 1Fx+4U Ethernet compact switch offers one Fast Ethernet fiber port and four 10/100 auto-sensing UTP ports, allowing it to easily connect small remote workgroups to a backbone switch via fiber, according to the company. The FlexSwitch has a port-management feature, which ensures interoperability with non-negotiating Ethernet products by allowing users to configure UTP ports to a specific speed or duplex mode on a per-port basis. The switch is plug-and-play-capable and available for $695 for models with an external power adapter and $795 for models with an internal power supply.
Omnitron Systems
Irvine, CA

Metro-AE (all-electronics) EDFAs are compact modules designed for OEM integration, where applications require high gain and low noise figure. The driving and controlling electronics are fully integrated into a 4x2.2x0.5-inch package. These amplifiers have a typical noise figure of 5 dB across the 1,530-1,565-nm wavelength range, meet Telcordia GR-1312-CORE requirements, and require 5 Vdc to operate.
BaySpec Inc.
Fremont, CA

A new line of flexible networking tools, adapters AT-2450FTX, AT-2700FXTX, and AT-2745FX are a family of dual-capacity LAN adapters that provide a mitigation path from copper to Ethernet and Fast Ethernet fiber networks. The 32-bit PCI 2.2 adapters are PC99-compliant and support wake-on-LAN and APCI. They come with a software package that includes diagnostics, setup application, and drivers for many operating systems, as well as the Managed Performance Portfolio from AMD.
Allied Telesyn International Corp.
Bothell, WA


The MAX3876 + 3.3 V, 2.5-Gbit/sec clock- recovery and data-retiming IC with CML outputs is for use with 2.488 Gbit/sec SDH/SONET applications. The fully integrated phase-locked loop recovers a synchronous clock signal from the NRZ data input, which is retimed by the recovered clock. Differential CML outputs are provided for both clock and data signals, and an additional 2.488-Gbit/sec serial input is available for system loopback diagnostic testing. It is designed for section-regenerator, terminal-receiver, and switch-core applications in OC-48/STM-16 transmission systems. When used with the MAX3831 2.5 Gbit/sec interconnect multiplexer/demultiplexer, the MAX3876 forms a complete backplane transceiver solution.
Maxim Integrated Products
Sunnyvale, CA

This 10-Gbit/sec LiNbO3 modulator for DWDM applications and fiber-optic sensors has low insertion loss and high sensitivity and provides chirp-free operation. Though the modulator works in the 1,550-nm wavelength, it can also be designed for 1,300 nm or L-Band. Features include low RF drive voltage, high extinction ratio, and optional external termination. Digital as well as analog devices are available.Trilink Communications Corp.Baldwin Park, CA

Features for the 1x4 polarization-maintaining (PM) fiber-optic couplers for 1,550 nm and other wavelengths include high-extinction ratio (>20 dB), low excess loss, high uniformity (<1dB), and high return loss (>55 dB). Applications include PM signal multiplexing, PM-EDFAs, cable-TV transmission systems, sensors, and instrumentation. These PM couplers are available in various types of PM fibers, including Panda, Bowtie, and Oval clad, as well as 1x2 and 1x8 configurations. High-extinction ratio PM fiber connectorization is available.
Micro-Optics Inc.
Hackettstown, NJ

These 850-nm fiber-optic light detectors pick up and relay incoming fiber-optic information at 1.25 Gbits and 2.5 Gbits. They are designed for data stream speed and have four to ten times the capacity of conventional detectors, according to the company. The company plans to market its product as a link for optical fibers in telecommunications, WDM, and Internet LAN markets.Opto-Lynx Inc.West Lafayette, IN

A 10-Gbit/sec chipset for OC-192 and STM-64 applications, the VSC8173 multiplexer and VSC8174 demultiplexer minimize heatsink, airflow, and power supply requirements, making the chipset good for telecommunication, DWDM, undersea transmission, and test equipment. The VSC8173 integrates a high-speed clock output to re-clock data at the laser driver, and the VSC8174 incorporates the clock and data recovery functions. Both chips operate at the standard OC-192 rate of 9.953 Gbits/sec and higher data rates (up to 10.66 Gbits/sec) to support FEC capability.
Vitesse Semiconductor Corp.
Camarillo, CA

The Optical Fiber Network Saddles are designed with rounded edges to provide a smooth surface between the mount and cable, helping prevent potential stress on the cable and damage to its insulation through snagging or abrasion. The saddles are available in single- and dual-capacity versions, allowing users to select the appropriate capacity for specific fiber-optic-cable routing applications. The saddles are also available in push-mount or adhesive-mount versions, providing further flexibility of application. Each single-capacity saddle can accommodate a maximum bundle size of 1.06 inches in diameter, while the double-capacity version may be used for routing two bundles of the same size. The saddles are constructed of a durable nylon material and are available in natural and black colors. Panduit Corp.Tinley Park, IL

The HTS-11 High Tensile Strength Stripper is designed to remove outer coatings from 250-micron and 400-micron UV resin-coated fibers to ensure high-strength splicing. A pair of blades removes the coating around the fiber after the fiber is heated. Because the blades do not touch the actual surface of the fiber, the strength does not degrade, according to the company. A temperature change-over switch has four settings, allowing the intensity of the heat to be increased. The stripper operates from a 100 V-240 Vac power source through an AC adapter and is used in conjunction with the FSM-30SF and FSM-30PF high-strength factory splicers.
Alcoa Fujikura Ltd.
Spartanburg, SC

The MP1570A is a portable analyzer that supports DS-1 to OC-192c in a single mainframe. It can be used during R&D and manufacturing to analyze optical circuits as well as during the installation and maintenance of fiber networks. The analyzer has the ability to measure SONET, SDH, PDH, ATM, and signal bit rates from 1.5 Mbits/sec to 10 Gbits/sec. The MP1570A was designed with a number of built-in functions, including concatenation mapping from OC-3c to OC-192c, CID pattern, and tandem-connection monitoring. There are also separate plug-in units so the analyzer can be configured to meet specific test requirements.Anritsu Co.Richardson, TX
Developed specifically for integration in high-speed DWDM transmission systems, the IPD-10 is an integrated photo detector that enables real-time monitoring of the optical power through each channel with minimal insertion loss, according to the company. Properties include a broad wavelength range covering both C- and L- bands, low backreflection, and high photocurrent. A built-in tap coupler enables power monitoring with a minimal loss of <1 dB, which is uniform over the entire wavelength range. The detector also contains up to 10 channels and provides for simultaneous monitoring of each channel.Santec Corp.Komaki, JapanThe FTB-5500 PMD analyzer's measurement range covers 0.05 psec to 200 psec and uses the field-oriented interferometric technology to characterize the PMD of any optical link over a 50-dB dynamic range, so that no communication is required between the handheld polarized light source and the lightweight platform. The software features one-button testing capabilities with the auto-range function, the ability to characterize any optical fiber with high coupling or weak-mode coupling, multiple-measurement and auto-naming file storage functions, and a statistical table in order to perform multiple-trace analysis.EXFO Inc.Quebec City, Canada

The ACT2 tests two multimode fibers at once for loss at two wavelengths, calculates cable length, stores data for later readout on a PC, and includes a talkset for communications between test crews. The tester works by testing one fiber at 850 nm while another fiber is being tested at 1,300 nm. The two fibers are then switched at the meter and retested. The meter analyzes the loss data, calculates the length of the cable, and stores data from the tests. The data is stored in a database organized by cables and fibers, which has memory for complete test data up to 250 cables and 500 fibers.
Medford, MA


The eight-page, full-color brochure, "Solutions for the Dynamic LAN," details a wide range of applications for the company's FutureFLEX Air-Blown Fiber-optic Cabling Systems and also provides a brief tutorial on the cabling systems' technology, hardware, and installation.
Sumitomo Electric Lightwave Corp.
Research Triangle Park, NC

This color catalog demonstrates how fluid-dispensing equipment can be used to apply accurate, repeatable amounts of epoxies, adhesives, and silicones used to manufacture fiber-optic components and equipment. It also includes the company's line of microprocessor-based dispensers, silicone-free dispensing components, and accessories.
EFD Inc.
East Providence, RI

The PremisNET Fiber Cabling Systems Catalog features fiber-optic cables, connectors, patchcords, adapters, modular panels, patch panels, hardware, and accessories for campus, building, and horizontal/closet distribution. It includes application-specific illustrations, color photos of the various fiber products, construction illustrations, and reference information. The catalog is available online at the company's Website: www.kroneam Inc.Englewood, CO

This catalog features product information, specifications, dimensions, and ordering information on the company's line of automated fiber-optics positioning systems. Products include: the Fiber- Align for fiber-optic alignment, the FiberCouple for fiber coupling applications, the FiberPlane for advanced fiber-optics fabrication, and the FiberGrate system designed for the manufacture of fiber Bragg gratings. The catalog can be viewed online at the company's Website:
Aerotech Inc.

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