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Sept. 1, 2000

Compiled by Sue Boyle


This Fiber Service Platform (FSP 3000) is a compact, quick-to-deploy, and scalable DWDM solution enabling carriers to lease high-speed data and SONET services. It provides up to 32 protected or 64 unprotected channels for transmitting heterogeneous applications traffic at native speeds and across metropolitan-core, access, and private leased-line networks in logical-hub, add/drop, managed ring, and logical mesh topologies. The FSP 3000 unites TDM, wavelength-conversion, DWDM, and network-management functionality in a single platform. It allows carriers to deploy wavelength services without incurring the delays and complexity of installing additional fibers.
ADVA Optical Networking
Munich, Germany


The Proteus System of fiber-distribution housings is a versatile modular fiber management system that allows installers num er ous configuration, term ination, cap acity, and fiber exit options. Proteus is made of high-impact, lightweight thermoplastic with built-in smooth edges and gentle radii for maximum fiber protection. The system also includes large, easy-access side openings, adjustable cable-management clips, and multifunction, single latch, slam-action front and rear doors that allow one-handed operations and offer access options.
Hauppauge, NY


The OTS9010 optical test system provides installation contractors and network operators with the portable test functionality needed to enable field maintenance and testing of new high-speed, 10-Gbit/sec optical net works, while decreas ing test time, manufacturing, and installation deployment costs and time-to-market by providing multichannel support in a single system. It is also useful for equipment manufacturers who require pattern generation and analysis verification of multiple signals through bit error rate analysis.
Tektronix Inc.
Beaverton, OR


The PowerMux NxG wavelength-channel processor delivers good optical performance, cost, and integration improvements, and enables further reduction in the cost per wavelength and high-volume manufacturing capability. The PowerMux NxG features a highly integrated configuration that enables 80% reduction in footprint and a reduction in fiber polarization dependent loss and insertion loss, and features an epoxy-free optical path.
Avanex Corp.
Fremont, CA

The Homeworx cable-telephony system adds new features to the carrier-class hybrid fiber/coaxial telephony platform. The system offers improvements in flexibility, manageability, and robustness. The system also includes in-service software upgrade capability, scalability, and the complete headend redundancy necessary to be considered carrier-class. The system will allow cable operators to better compete with incumbent phone companies and capture a share of the growing cable-telephony market. The Homeworx system expands deployment flexibility by offering the service provider a choice of modulation schemes, depending on plant quality. The network-management system provides complete manageability and offers industry-leading performance-monitoring tools and traffic-data analysis. With an easy-to-use graphical user interface, systems operators can select from a suite of standard graphs detailing system and element performance or create customized performance graphs to aid in specific trouble shooting.
ADC Telecommunications Inc.

This line of 1,310-nm headend forward-path transmitters with the NAVICOR family of RF and AM fiber-optic products are designed to meet the high-performance requirements needed to maintain the reliability and integrity of broadband networks as they deliver multiple services. The TA Series 1,310-nm transmitter provides noise and nonlinear distortion performance that exceeds industry standards for products of this type, and features a full range of optical powers. Available in channel capacities of 79/112 NTSC, 60 PAL, and 42 Cenelec, the transmitters can be used to enhance systems in both the domestic and international markets. The transmitters are packaged as plug-in modules for use in the company's NAVICOR 1RU universal chassis that accommodates up to two modules, or in the 3RU chassis that accommodates up to 12 plug-in modules. A three-digit display and easy-to-use, push button adjustments are provided for local monitoring of performance and control.
State College, PA

The LIGHTPLEX system consists of passive DWDM devices and an optical performance manager. The DWDM provides flexible wavelength routing, ultra-low insertion loss, and single fiber bidirectionality in a small footprint. It multiplexes and demultiplexes up to 40 discrete wavelengths in the 1,550-nm domain and has less loss than a traditional 16-channel device, while providing 40-channel capability, reducing the need for optical amplifiers. The OMP provides monitoring for optical power and direction and loss of light. It has an auto-discovery feature for individual units/channels and can communicate with the company's Track Link software, allowing operators to monitor DWDM activity. The LIGHTPLEX system also delivers built-in upgradablity, allowing operators to cost-effectively add channels in either direction over a single fiber, as needed. Available with 100- and 200-GHz channel spacings, the LIGHTPLEX 2 RU (rack unit) package allows operators to add channels as needed, without system redesign.
Duluth, GA


These emitter/receiver devices with low noise and wide dynamic range make them well suited for optical-fiber communications, including Fibre Channel, Gigabit Ethernet, SDH, and HDTV applications. Designed for use in high-speed plastic-optical-fiber (POF) communications, the S7727/L7726 red LED/photo IC cover data rates from 4 Mbits/sec to 156 Mbits/sec. Both devices are molded into miniature plastic packages with nonspherical lenses, allowing easy and efficient coupling to a POF. The S7727 has a monolithic photo IC that makes it immune from external noise and provides output voltage compatible with P-ECL. The L7726 red LED has emission of 650 nm as well as high-speed response of typically 100 MHz and high output power of -1.5 dBm. For Gigabit applications, the company offers the G7871/G7871-02, G7881, and G7882 receivers and the L7892 emitter. The receiver devices can be either high-speed Si photodiodes or InGaAs photodiodes integrated with a preamplifier, and are suitable for 0.8-micron (Si) or 1.30-micron and 1.55-micron (InGaAs) wavelength bands. The G7871/G7871-02, and G7881 are designed for 1 Gbit/sec, and housed in metal and SC receptacle packages, respectively. Designed with the 2.5-Gbit/sec bandwidth, the G7882 features a pigtail package.
Hamamatsu Corp.
Bridgewater, NJ

This solid-state thermo-optic switch (TOS) array for optical-networking applications has a variety of applications in optical-transmission systems including network reconfiguration, wavelength routing, protection switching, and optical blocking. The device is designed to offer high performance and moderate cost, and features a typical insertion loss of <2 dB and a switching speed of a few milliseconds. It operates from 1,525 to 1,575 nm, and is 99x24x9 mm in size for a 4 array of 2x2 switches and has low polarization dependent loss. The TOS is manufactured using proven, versatile, and industry-accepted silica-on-silicon technology. The arrays have no moving parts and use the thermo-optic switch elements in a dilated architecture to achieve high extinction ratios. KymataCitigate, Scotland
The OD-J6887 transmitter and the OD-J6888 receiver feature a unique, detachable pigtail that makes automated assembly and reflow soldering practical for the first time. Designed to work with singlemode or multimode fiber, features include: single 3.3-V supply, 0.6-W max low-power consumption, -40° to 85°C, 2.48832-Gbit/sec (STM-16, OC-48), and SC, FC, and MUJ connectors are available. California Eastern LaboratoriesSanta Clara, CA

The CMM3020-BD wideband GaAs optical-driver amplifier gives fiber-optic system designers a combination of wideband frequency coverage with a flat response and low internal jitter. It is a precision pHEMT GaAs RF IC medium power 23-dBm amplifier and operates from 30 kHz to 20 GHz with a linear 10-dB gain response. Low internal jitter makes it well suited for high-speed digital-data applications. Typical output voltage is 7.5 V peak-to-peak. Targeted for OC-192 and other high-speed applications, the bit rate can be as high as 13 Gbits/sec. The bias voltage can be adjusted to reduce the output voltage as needed.
Celeritek Inc.
Santa Clara, CA

The SC/APC and FC/APC connectors are pre-angled and available for low back reflection requirements. The SC/APC nonoptical disconnect connector is designed for top optical performance and reduced termination time. The connectors feature a pre-radiused zirconia ferrrule, pre-assembled body, and precision molded plastic body. The SC connector achieves low optical loss with high performance physical contact and maximum repeatability. The FC/APC connector is the ultra-low back-reflection connector designed for the installer that needs fast, easy assembly, and top optical performance. The high-precision pre-radius zirconia ceramic ferrule polishes quickly.
Fiber Instrument Sales Inc.
Oriskany, NY

This fast-curing anaerobic adhesive is for use with standard low-cost fiber-optic connectors. The one-part adhesive works with any ceramic ferrule connector for fast termination, low loss, and high reliability. The adhesive offers a fast cure of 3-5 minutes without the fiber lockup that sometimes occurs with other fast-curing adhesives. It requires only a one-part adhesive and does not need the flammable primer used in some other fast-curing adhesive systems. The adhesive kit is available alone or in kits of 100 SC or ST connectors. The adhesive includes detailed instructions on termination and the kits with connectors include free online Web-based training. FotecMedford, MA
FIBER-DUCT's enhancements include predrilled 8-mm assembly holes as a standard feature on all 2- and 4-in system fittings, with the exception of end cap parts. The company is also offering predrilled holes as an option on its 6-ft lengths of the duct. In situations where both the duct and fittings include predrilled holes, no additional drilling will be necessary for mechanical assembly. In applications where only the fitting is predrilled, the fitting holes will provide a template for aligning holes drilled in the duct. The FIBER-DUCT is a popular choice for routing fiber-optic cables in areas such as telecommunications closets, central offices, equipment rooms, entrance facilities, and appropriate floor and ceiling spaces. It is also suitable for use in many other applications, including installations using Category 5, 5E, 6 UTP, ScTP, and coaxial cabling. Its PVC-constructed duct components and ABS-material fittings are available in yellow, orange, light gray, and black. Components constructed of clear polycarbonate material are also available. Panduit Corp.Tinley Park, IL

TRA-BOND F125 are fast gel adhesives designed for fiber-optic connectors as well as high-performance industrial and optical bonding applications. These clear materials are easily mixed and handled at room temperature. The cured materials adhere well to most substrates including glass, plastics, and metals. It can be packaged to the specifications of the end user. Numerous options include 1 gram MINIPAX, 2 grams and larger BIPAX, and 50cc and larger TRA-PAX. These convenient mixing and dispensing systems work well with any process.
Tra-Con Inc.
Bedford, MA

The FutureFlex Tube Distribution Units come in several sizes and mounting styles, including wall-mount, rack-mount, and custom. The TDUs are designed to replace conventional fiber splice connector hardware at network transition points, such as telecommunications closets, hubs, and other branching locations within the FutureFlex Air-Blown Fiber Optic Cabling System. The TDUs are heavy-duty cabinet enclosures fabricated in 14- or 16-gauge cold rolled steel, depending on size. The enclosures are available in three standard sizes to support low to high cable density. Standard sizes include 16x16x4 inches; 24x20x7 inches; and 36x30x9 inches. TDUs may also be custom-sized to fit a specific application. All wall-mount TDUs feature a keylocked front panel for security. The TDUs support cable entry from all four sides.
Sumitomo Electric Lightwave
Research Triangle Park, NC


The LightWorks ON-Center management suite is a fully integrated family of software-based tools for comprehensive element, network, and service-layer management across service provider networks. ON-Center is designed to enable accelerated deployment of new, differentiating optical services, reduced network operating and management costs, and innovative customer-service solutions. The ON-Center is comprised of an optical-service-layer management system for cross-vendor end-to-end service management, and an optical-network management system for integrated management across all of the company's intelligent optical transport, switching, and access systems, and a modeling and planning system for network design delivered in a single platform. The suite is designed to help service providers use the built-in networking intelligence of the company's LightWork OS and network architecture to enable real-time service deployment, dynamic service-level agreement management, multivendor optical-service monitoring, full fault, configuration, accounting, performance, and security management across the company's systems, and Web-based customer-service awareness tools.
Linthicum, MD

The LD 8900R wide-dynamic-range goniometric radiometer characterizes the angular radiation intensity of light. It provides direct real-time far-field measurments with >36 dB dynamic range, angular sampling of 0.055° and a field-of-view of ±72°. The LD 8900R is ideal for characterizing the light flux from many light-emitting sources, including VSCELs, laser diodes, optical fibers, optical waveguides, and more. It provides full three-dimensional measures of the far-field patter in minutes or less, with better resolution that a CCD camera. Measurement of the mode field diameter of optical fiber is now possible in real time with >5% accuracy. The LD 8900R is available with either a silicon detector or an InGaAs detector, and has a standard entrance aperture of 2 mm, with an optional 10-mm entrance aperture for use with large sources such as LEDs and LD bars. It is a modular unit designed for R&D, manufacturing, and custom applications, such as testing LDs at the wafer level.Photon Inc.San Jose, CA

The mini visual-fault catcher model 365 is compact in size and can be operated by one AA battery. You can catch breaks and bends along a fiber with visible red light. Typical output power ranges from 1 to 1.5 mW. The visual-fault catcher measures 61x99x22 mm and weighs 99 g.
Tokyo, Japan

This pulse suppressor box is a rugged and easy-to-use instrument that enables OTDR operators to measure the loss of the first connnectorized port of an optical fiber network patch panel. The box offers singlemode or multimode fiber, three different fiber lengths (500 m and 1,500 m for singlemode fiber and 300 m for multimode fiber), and a wide variety of connectors. The instrument is provided in a rugged and compact case.
Quebec City, Canada


This comprehensive, practical guide to the latest nanopositioning technology-used in precision fiber alignment and other optical and nonoptical applications-is available in a new multimedia CD-ROM. Featuring a step-by-step video of two common applications, the CD offers a good starting point for learning about fiber optics. It also includes information about the full range of the company's nanopositioning products, plus downloadable versions of all relevant technical literature. The CD-ROM takes you through two example procedures: laser to fiber alignment using a three-axis positioning stage and multiple waveguide alignment using a six-axis stage. The examples highlight the advantages of the modular approach to product development taken by the company with interchangeable positioning mechanics, control electronics, and software products. All units are compatible and can be put together in the optimum way to suit specific application needs.
Melles Griot
Cambridge, U.K.

This 20-page fiber optic cable catalog entitled, "Cables De Fibra Optica," includes in-depth product information, cross-sectional drawings, fiber-optic cable photos, part numbers with ordering information, and technical articles. Customers are also able to use the catalog to review the comparisons to the company's tight-buffer fiber-optic cables with loose-tube gel-filled fiber-optic cables.
Optical Cable Corp.
Roanoke, VA

This poster gives an overview of bit rates, frame and overhead structures, alarms, and defects. Just like synchronous communications, the poster has two sides: SDH on one side and SONET on the other.
Wavetek Wandel Goltermann
Eningen, Germany

The Guide to WDM Technology and Testing is useful for engineers, technicians, scientists, and managers throughout the telecommunications industry who want to learn more about the practical aspects of WDM and DWDM technology. The guide provides information related to testing WDM components and systems at the manufacturing, installation, maintenance, and monitoring stages. Also included are explanations of industry standards, challenges involved in deploying DWDM at the metro level, and a view of future directions in WDM.
EXFO Electo-Optical Engineering Inc.
Quebec City, Canada

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