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Th 0004lwe013

These low-cost EDFA gain blocks are designed for use in both WDM and SDH single-channel applications. The PGE 60813 is provided in a compact 88x70-mm package. It also provides the same functionality in a standard-size 120x80-mm package. The company is able to tailor the performance of the gain blocks by altering the output power of optimum gain point. These devices complement the company's existing portfolio of high-performance EDFAs, which includes products for WDM, single-channel, and cable-TV systems.
Ericsson Microelectronics
SwedenTh 0004lwe012

The FiberMeter is the first in the company's Ra Series of fiber-certification systems for field testing of premises-wiring multimode- and singlemode-fiber links. The portable tester provides automated measurement of optical loss and cable length on pairs of multimode fiber, pass/fail certification against industry standards, detailed certification reports, and a built-in talk set. Testing is simplified by eliminating the need for interpretation of raw test data and the need to swap connectors, cables, and light sources. FiberMeter automatically completes bidirectional loss measurements at both 850- and 1,300-nm wavelengths.
Datacom Textron
Everett, WATh 0004lwe011

The MW9076 family of mini-OTDRs provides ac curate measuring speed, wide dynamic range, short dead zone, and automatic execution of functions for simple operations. Included in this family is the first mini-OTDR that performs measurements of chromatic dispersion from one end of the optical fiber. All four models display measurement results in 10 sec after the start button is pressed. The model has a damping speed of 0.15 sec and is ideal for multifiber testing applications as well as real-time monitoring of fusion or mechanical splices.
Anritsu Co.

FlexPoint singlemode-to-multimode fiber converters provide connection between different types, different wavelengths, different fiber connectors, and provide a cost-effective way to extend network distances over singlemode fiber. Available for 850, 1,300 and 1,550 nm, the FlexPoint 1000FF fiber converter supports Gigabit Ethernet networks and can extend distances up to 40 km via singlemode fiber and 550 m via multimode fiber. The FlexPoint 100FF for Fast Ethernet and the FlexPoint OC3FF for ATM OC-3 and FDDI support distances up to 58 km with singlemode fiber and 2 km with multimode fiber. These two fiber converters can be used in Ethernet and Token Ring environments.
Omnitron Systems
Irvine, CA

This utility SDH multiplexer is designed to operate in harsh environments, enabling it to withstand electrical interference and radio frequency common in electric, gas, pipeline, railway, and urban-transportation network deployment. The multiplexer is an integrated product solution that functions as an STM-1 (155.52-Mbit/sec) SDH drop-and-insert multiplexer, providing transport and access capabilities within a single package. The product is able to perform path-protection switching in less than 3 msec. It also meets the IEC and IEEE surge-withstand capability, electromagnetic compatibility, and radio-frequency interference standards, providing secure operation in electrical-substation environments.
Nortel Networks
TorontoTh 0004lwe010

The GR3008 is a gigabit hub for data-intensive environments. Eight 1,000-Mbit/sec SX-CX manageable ports enable fast multimedia, transmission, and seamless integration of gigabit nodes. Designed for the multimedia and large server-farm environment, the GR3008 fits well when used as a high-speed gigabit backbone for the data-intensive enterprise. The repeater allows easy installation and management activities. It can also be enhanced to support SNMP and Web-browser management via an upgrade management option. The GR3008 can be mounted onto any standard 19-inch rack and provides a backbone bandwidth of 2 Gbits/sec. List price for the GR3008 is $4,275.
Compex Inc.
Anaheim, CA

The AN2100 Gateway Exchange next-generation switching system enables service providers to consolidate circuit-switched and variable bit-rate data services over a single broadband network. The system dynamically routes circuit-switched TDM traffic over ATM and IP networks under SS7 control. With this system, data, voice, and video services can be delivered over ATM or IP backbones. The system also supports advanced intelligent-network services such as local-number portability, 800 services, and prepaid services.
Lisle, IL

This high-power, flat-gain erbium-doped fiber-amplifier module operates at an extended wavelength transmission window of optical fibers (L-band). The L-band window allows system manufacturers to double the bandwidth capacity of high-speed optical-transport communications networks. This module operates at 25-dBm output power and has a gain flatness of <0.8 dB over the L-band wavelength range, which is between 1,570 and 1,610 nm. This combination of high output power and low-gain flatness enables systems engineers to design optical networks that transmit even over longer distances.
Lucent Technologies
Microelectronics Group
Allentown, PATh 0004lwe009

These small-form-factor (SFF) transceivers have the same footprint as a standard 2x5 SFF transceiver, allowing communications-equipment OEMs to stuff circuit boards with sockets only. The SFF sockets feature press-fit retaining clips that hold transceivers securely, while providing additional EMI grounding. The pluggability feature of the SFF allows OEMs to make their final selection and installation of transceiver type at the last possible moment, long after circuit boards have been assembled and tested.
Methode Electronics Inc.
ChicagoTh Acfb28

These DX-series mini round-duplex assembly cables include 2-fiber cables that are flexible and resilient for interconnect applications. Small-form-factor connectors are suited for compact design cables. The color-coded buffered optical fibers can be jacketed with a riser, plenum, or zero-halogen-type outer jacket. These cables can contain either singlemode or multimode optical fibers, including higher-bandwidth Gigabit Ethernet 62.5/125-micron cables. A 900-micron buffer coating is applied over each optical fiber to provide excellent mechanical and environmental performance. The buffer is an easy strip design for faster access to the 250-micron buffered fiber.
Optical Cable Corp.
Roanoke, VATh 0004lwe007

Two CE-compliant fiber-optic power meters, the GN-6025 and GN-6025C, offer reliable InGaAs detectors for linear response at longer wavelengths. Both units have data-storage capacity and come with LP View, a Windows-based software package for data storage, viewing, and printing. Both units come with a connector adapter, AC charger, soft transit case, and operating manual. Units can be powered by AC power, rechargeable NiCd batteries, or replaceable alkaline batteries.
GN Nettest
Utica, NY

The OSA-155 is a DWDM system analyzer offering measurements of wavelength, power, and optical signal-to-noise ratio for various carriers of multiwavelength signals in the range of 1,450 to 1,650 nm with 50-GHz/0.4-nm spacing. The test solution is ideal for monitoring on transparent DWDM systems and fitted with an external monitor output. Offering simultaneous measurements up to 100 channels, the OSA-155 displays the results on a 9.4-inch TFT color LCD with touch-screen capability.
Wavetek Wandel Goltermann
Research Triangle Park, NCTh 0004lwe006

The TRA-BOND F230 is a low-viscosity material that exhibits good wetting characteristics and forms strong, durable bonds to substrates common to the fiber-optic industry such as glass, plastics, ceramics, and metals. The user-friendly material is color-coded to ensure proper mixing and curing. It is commonly used for fiber-optic termination as well as other potting or structural-bonding applications. After the elevated cure, the material had a high glass transition temperature and can withstand continuous operating temperatures as high as 175°C.
Tra-Con Inc.
Bedford, MATh 0004lwe005

The Fiber-Net application covers the demand for preventative maintenance to high-speed fiber-optic networks for telecom and datacom applications. It covers fiber-optic cable-monitoring systems using WDM cassettes that combine 1,310 and 1,550 nm in the signal channel and 1,625 nm (monitoring wavelength of the OTDR) in the monitor channel. Users do not have to choose different types of cassettes according to the operating wavelength since both the 1,310 and 1,550 will operate with only 0.4-dB insertion loss and 40- to 50-dB isolation to 1,625 nm. All fibers are terminated with SC/APC connectors and adapters or other type as FC/PC, SC E2000, DIN, and SCII.
Optronics EYT

This family of fiber-management products for protecting, managing, and enhancing your valuable optical network includes ETSI Next Generation Frame products, the new OMX-600 fiber frame, and the FL2000 family of panel products. The NGF-600 frame is a high-density frame that is ideal for applications where the front and rear of the frame are accessible and maximum density is required. The OMX600 frame is a front-facing frame that protects you fiber cable and connectors through use of the company's patented angle connectors and bend radius protecting design. The FL200 panel families include a variety of termination, splice, and storage modules that give the network manager flexibility in configuring solutions for specific applications.
ADC Telecommunications Inc.
Minneapolis, MN

With this fiber-optic microscope, network installers can view the endface of connector ferrules to evaluate polish quality and cleanliness. It delivers a magnification of 400X and a rugged, field-ready casing and the instrument is APC- and UPC-compatible. The microscope also detects flaws-due to factory non-specification errors, shipping and handling problems, and other situations-prior to deployment of connectorization.
Vanier, Quebec, Canada

This 100-page color catalog details technical information on its complete manufacturing line. The company's product range covers laser-diode instrumentation, DWDM test equipment, PMD and polarization, and fiber-optic equipment. The catalog further offers DWDM multichannel laser sources also for the L-band. Numerous laser-diode controllers and laser sources complete the company's product range.
Profile Inc.
Rockaway, NJTh 0004lwe004

This 132-page product-selection guide provides extensive information on the company's established copper and fiber-optic cable products and applications. The four-color catalog includes an introductory section detailing the company's overall capabilities and special product offerings. Separate sections provide data on the company's copper and fiber-optic cable applications and products. Also included in the guide is a special technical section with information on fiber-optic cables and references, including rating codes, standards, metric conversion, definition of terms, and packaging.
New Holland, PA

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