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Th 134009
Th 134009

CODE V 9.3 optical design software delivers a new application programming interface that enables the execution of CODE V commands from any application supporting the Windows COM architecture. It facilitates the creation of user-defined functions and simplifies data sharing with other programs. Software enhancements also include the ability to apply diffractive properties to any substrate shape and create user-defined surface properties, providing users with more flexibility when specifying surface parameters such as polarization effects. The software expands the ability to model multi-configuration systems by increasing the number of allowable system positions in a model to 99.
Optical Research Associates, Pasadena, CA

With GratingMODT 1.0, users can simulate, tune, and test complex grating-assisted photonic devices and circuits before fabrication. A general design tool for complicated fiber and integrated waveguide grating devices, the software can analyze known grating structures and synthesize them from desired or measured spectra. Photonic applications include grating-based WDM components like dispersion compensators, (de)multiplexers, add/drop filters, amplifier gain equalizer and wavelength converters, and grating-based sensors for medical and security applications. It incorporates the versatile CAD BeamPROP interface and a complete, fully functional mode solver, which can handle slab and fiber structures in addition to waveguides with arbitrary cross sections. Other advanced analysis features include predefined and user-defined chirp and apodization for longitudinal grating structure and extensive post-processing for spectrum analysis.
RSoft Design Group, Ossining, NYTh 134004

Enabling carriers to offer next-generation Ethernet-based services over existing SONET network infrastructures or dark fiber, EtherTone includes single-tenant- and multitenant-located access devices, central-office (CO) aggregation equipment, and the EtherView management platform. Among the applications provided are high-speed Internet access, transparent LAN, bundled voice and data, and Ethernet over copper. EtherEdge 4000 can sit in a CO and aggregate traffic from remote EtherTone devices via Ethernet over DS-3s. The device enables carriers to receive and hand off native Ethernet traffic to enterprises without the need for access equipment typically required. EtherEdge 4000 provides such subscriber interface options as 100BaseTX, 100BaseFX, and Ethernet over VDSL, and this traffic can be mapped to a variety of network interfaces like DS-3, OC-3, OC-12 using ITU X.86 and GFP, or Gigabit Ethernet.
ANDA, Sunnyvale, CA

For cable multiple-system operators (MSOs) and video on demand (VoD) transport, the Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) multiplexer combines 10 ports into an aggregate 10-Gbit/sec wavelength and provides 25% greater port density. Since cable MSOs need fewer wavelengths to transport a given amount of VoD traffic, and as a result, less equipment, less rack space, less power, and fewer potential points of failure. "Cable MSOs are uniquely positioned to deliver the 'triple play' of broadband data, video, and voice services to the small-business and residential market," notes sales and marketing vice president Mitch Truelock. And they are "starting to spend heavily in rolling out VoD services," reports chairman and CEO Phil Arneson.
Sorrento, San DiegoTh 134005

For high-speed data communications applications such as Gigabit Ethernet, ..Fibre Channel, and SONET, the OPV300 series of 850-nm oxide-confined 2.5-Gbit/sec vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs) come in a variety of packages, including industry-standard TO-18 and TO-46 with either flat window or ball lenses. These devices offer designers excellent stability and low threshold current, providing an increased operating range and the ability to operate at a lower overall current for low power applications. The VCSELs also provide higher slope efficiency and lower operating voltage.
Optek Technology, Carrollton, TXTh 134006

The 10-Gbit/sec XGLO fiber jumpers and pigtails for next-generation backbone and fiber to the desk applications feature ..premium fiber that meets IEEE 802.3 10-Gigabit Ethernet requirements. They also offer an excellent connector polish that meets Telcordia and ISO/IEC specifications for end-face geometry. The precision cable assemblies come in multimode and singlemode, simplex and duplex, and SC, LC, and hybrid versions.
Siemon, Watertown, CTTh 134007

The miniature integrated power monitors are designed for channel monitoring in DWDM systems and add/drop modules. They also can be used for signal/pump power monitoring in erbium-doped fiber amplifiers and Raman amplifiers where integrated solutions are replacing traditional fused fiber tap and photodiode designs. The monitors offer very low insertion loss (<0.3 dB), causing minimal impact on system loss budgets. They provide a ..compact footprint with ultra-wide bandwidth as well as high reliability, broad spectral bandwidth, and very low polarization. Custom tap ratios are available.
Alliance Fiber Optic Products (AFOP), Sunnyvale, CATh 134008

The WA-5900 Wavemeter monitors environmental conditions such as temperature, pressure, and strain in remote areas using fiber-optic sensors. In applications involving petrochemical, civil, geophysical, and utilities, data from the fiber Bragg grating (FGB) monitor enhances industrial ..productivity and provides early warning for hazardous situations. Fiber-optic sensors in remote monitoring are environmentally stable, offer higher accuracy measurements, and have a longer lifetime in the most demanding applications. The monitor employs scanning Michelson interferometer-based technology to measure the absolute wavelength of the optical signal reflected from FBG-based sensors (guaranteed accuracy of ±1.5 pm). All factors that can affect the absolute wavelength measurement are accounted for to achieve the highest absolute wavelength accuracy.
EXFO Electro-Optical Engineering, Quebec City

ConQuest PullMaster is a conduit pull modeling software package that helps system engineering and construction groups model and optimize conduit cable pulls before construction begins. It gives those responsible for planning cable installation a user-friendly technique for predicting expected tensions and fill ratios for a specific cable pull. The construction process can then be optimized and best pull locations identified.
CommScope, Hickory, NC

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