NFOEC Product Showcase and Attendees' Choice Awards Nominees

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Welcome to the Lightwave Attendees' Choice Awards balloting for products featured at NFOEC 2003 in Orlando, FL. Those attending the show are eligible to vote for their favorite product in each of seven categories beginning on this page: Systems, Subsystems, Components, Test Equipment, Installation, Design Tools, and Manufacturing. An additional award will be presented to the company whose product receives the most votes overall. For those attending the show, please use the official Attendees' Choice Awards ballot included with the August 2003 issue of Lightwave distributed during NFOEC. All ballots, when completed, should be dropped off at Lightwave exhibit booth 1408. Only ballots submitted at the booth will be counted. August issues and additional NFOEC ballots are also available at the booth.

For Lightwave readers not attending NFOEC, product contact information on the award nominees is available at 130060

The 7200 OADX optical add/drop switch is a flexible, intelligent carrier-class wavelength networking system that allows the operation of high-speed, service-centric networks. From 100 Mbits/sec to 10 Gbits/sec, the switch can deliver such metro services as optical Ethernet, SONET/SDH, SAN protocols, and transparent wavelengths.
Meriton Networks, Alpharetta, GA
NOMINEE NO. SYS 1Th 130061

The LambdaUnite MSS multiservice switch bridges traffic between data-intensive metro networks and high-speed optical core networks. Compact with low energy requirements, the flexible, single-shelf system was recently optimized for smaller metro applications, enabling it to support in-service upgrades from 160G to 320G as well as 640G to allow the system to grow when network capacity increases. Mesh restoration capabilities were added to help carriers migrate to new mesh-based networks, while continuing to leverage traditional protection architectures.
Lucent Technologies, Murray Hill, NJ
NOMINEE NO. SYS 2Th 130101

For metro regional networks, the V32000 optical distribution system is deployed by carriers in their existing backbones and expanding infrastructures. It delivers a fully automated optical layer, reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexing, and modular carrier-selectable integrated Gigabit Ethernet and SONET/SDH add/drop multiplexing. With intelligent optical amplifier, power, and performance management features, the system puts wavelength deployment on par with SONET's ease and familiarity.
Photuris, Piscataway, NJ
NOMINEE NO. SYS 3Th 130063

Only two rack units high, the VLX2020 small, smart SONET add/drop multiplexer consumes substantially less power and rack space. Its "building block" architecture is designed to meet changing carrier requirements. The multiplexer provides a full range of service interfaces from DS-1 to OC-192, including 10/100 Mbits/sec and Gigabit Ethernet.
White Rock Networks, Richardson, TX
NOMINEE NO. SYS 4Th 130064

LightWays ducting is a protective fiber management system used for routing, storing, and protecting optical-fiber jumpers and riser cables. It provides a fast, simple method of routing optical fibers among fiber distribution frames and panels, splice cabinets, and terminal equipment. Optical fibers are protected throughout and proper bend radius is maintained. All fiber cables can be placed into open channels rather than feeding or pulling cables through tubing, enabling easier installation, maintenance, and additions.
Siemon, Watertown, CT
NOMINEE NO. SYS 5Th 130065

The XDM-200 new-generation platform provides a low-footprint CWDM solution for metro/access and campus networks. Available for point-to-point topologies and ring configurations, it accommodates up 16 channels over 100 km. Multiple bit-rate transponders provide continuous support for services ranging from 100 Mbits/sec to 2.7 Gbits/sec, including SDH, Gigabit Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, IP, SAN, digital video, and ATM.
ECI Telecom, Fort Lauderdale, FL
NOMINEE NO. SYS 6Th 130066

The Canobeam free-space optics transceiver requires no FCC licensing, provides high security, and allows high-speed data links (10 Mbits/sec to Gigabit Ethernet) to be set up between buildings as far as 1.25 mi apart. It features SNMP management, 3R signal reproduction, and a reliable auto-tracking system.
Canon U.S.A., Englewood Cliffs, NJ
NOMINEE NO. SYS 7Th 130067

The OPTera Metro 5000 multiservice platform maximizes the power of CWDM/DWDM to transparently deliver high-bandwidth network services across an open, scalable, survivable optical ..transport platform. Equipped with universal optical interfaces that can be provisioned by bit rate, the platform provides simpler network planning and speeds delivery of new services such as storage over SONET/SDH with distance extension (supporting up to thousands of kilometers) using generic framing procedure technology and flow control.
Nortel Networks, Brampton, Ontario
NOMINEE NO. SYS 8Th 130068

The PacketWave E500 metro optical access platform rapidly deploys a broad set of services to the network edge, including TDM private line, Ethernet private line, Ethernet line aggregation, and transparent LAN services.
Luminous Networks, Cupertino, CA
NOMINEE NO. SYS 9Th 130069

The Ethernet-based GigaForce system is designed to solve the "last mile bottleneck" that currently limits widespread broadband deployment. Using passive-optical-network technology, the 1-Gbit/sec system can handle advanced video (RF and IP), data, and voice (TDM and VoIP) services.
Alloptic, Livermore, CA
NOMINEE NO. SYS 10Th 130070

The M28876 shipboard fiber-optic cable assembly uses rugged multipart connectors for deployable, shipboard, outdoor, and fixed singlemode or multimode requirements. The connectors are designed for adverse conditions such as shipbuilding, undersea, Navy, and Coast Guard environments. They are available in five channel sizes (4, 6, 8, 18, and 31) in a plated aluminum or stainless steel finish. The COTS version is built to the same standard as the military version.
Delaire USA, Manasquan, NJ
NOMINEE NO. SUB 1Th 130071

The TW-ONE FSAN standards-based optical-network terminal provides voice, data, and video service over a platform for the emerging fiber-to-the-premises market. The rugged terminal is suited for outdoor deployment and serves four lines of analog voice, one cable TV, and one ..10/100BT LAN interface for Internet and business-grade virtual-private-network access. It is managed with the help of an intuitive graphical user interface.
Terawave Communications, Hayward, CA
NOMINEE NO. SUB 2Th 130072

The XL-TT10G 300-pin widely tunable transponder can tune over the entire C- or L-band with 50-GHz spacing. Supporting multiple data rates from 9.85 to 12.5 Gbits/sec, it is available with an APD or PIN receiver, a dual-frequency jitter filter, and a zero or negative pre-chirp Mach-..Zehnder lithium niobate modulator. A backward-compatibility feature allows the transponder to be used in legacy systems as a fixed or narrow tuning transponder.
Civcom-XLight, Petach Tikva, Israel
NOMINEE NO. SUB 3Th 130073

The Hyperfine WDM is a multichannel passive optical filter with channel spacing ranging from 25 to 3.125 GHz and finer. It has a Gaussian or flat-top passband with low loss and extremely flat group delay for multiport interleaving or sub-demultiplexing/multiplexing. A programmable ..optical add/drop multiplexer enables ultra-dense WDM metro networks with 320 OC-48 C-band channels. A wavelength passive-optical-networking Gigabit Ethernet network is possible with 6.25-GHz hyperfine wavelength-division multiplexer.
Essex, Columbia, MD
NOMINEE NO. SUB 4Th 130074

The higher-density simplified compact LC adapter and ferrule interface is suited for space-constrained optical-module applications. The adapter fits into a reduced-sized aperture and extends into the electo-optical enclosure a minimal distance, an inch (25.4 mm) less than a standard LC adapter with BTW connectors
Stratos Lightwave, Chicago

Featuring a size reduction of about 70%, the RightWave MicroDK small-form-factor dispersion-compensating module provides a miniaturized means of full dispersion and dispersion slope compensation for conventional singlemode, G.652, and TrueWave Reach fiber over the entire C-band (1530-1565 nm). Designed to overcome the effects of chromatic dispersion in space-constrained networks, the module also features low insertion loss, low polarization-mode dispersion, customer-specified dispersion, and availability with Raman-related optical parameter specifications.
OFS Fitel Denmark I/S, Brøndby, Denmark

Based on FBT and GlasSolder technologies, the Micro/Mini small-form-factor concatenated module is suited for high-density, passive-optical-networking, and fiber-to-the-X applications. It uses a patent-pending chemical passivation technique that enhances long-term reliability in challenging environmental conditions. The module can be customized to a miniature size as small as 60×40×6 mm and is available in various configurations with 2-64 outputs.
Gould Fiber Optics, Millersville, MD

The TIC8E termination-interconnect-cabinet enclosure is secure and compact for connecting fiber cables within building entrances, communications closets, and other indoor environments. Its rugged double-hinged design isolates and locks the splicing and cable termination in the ..rear compartment from the jumper interconnection in the front compartment. The NEMA-12-rated enclosure can splice and terminate up to 24 fibers and accommodate modules that house optical components.
Fiber Optic Network Solutions (FONS), Northboro, MA

The Telcordia-qualified 8×1 Micro Mux/Demux-8 with express channel is ITU G.694.2-compliant as well as data-rate- and protocol-independent. It combines or separates up to eight optical channels ..with express functionality on a CWDM ITU grid for metro core, metro access, and enterprise CWDM systems. The multiplexer/demultiplexer is suited for OEMs that manufacture optical-networking subsystems and require small parts for line-card integration.
Gigabit Optics, Sunnyvale, CA

Designed for improved bend performance in reduced-radius applications, the BIF-1310-L2 bend-insensitive fiber has a moderately higher numerical aperture ..(NA) than standard singlemode fibers. The moderate NA provides lower bend loss at 1310 and 1550 nm without significantly affecting splicing performance. Applications include tight-bend-radius conditions, multiple fiber wraps on a mandrel, fused fiber couplers, and sensors. Higher-NA fibers are available upon request to further reduce the sensitivity of the fiber to bend loss.
StockerYale, Salem, NH

The Dynamic Blocker Equalizer is a key building block for reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexers and optical crossconnects using a broadcast and select architecture. It can dynamically pass, block to more than 40 dB, or equalize any and all wavelengths on a DWDM fiber. Powered by a proprietary liquid-crystal processor, the equalizer can handle up to 126 channels at 50-GHz spacing in a very compact 220×110×30-mm form factor.
Xtellus, Morris Plains, NJ

The singlemode MEMS optical switch's micro-electronics provide flexibility and simplify the customer interface. A simple 5-V TTL interface controls the switch operation in any of three available actuation modes. The mirror position sensor is integral to the MEMS and provides a reliable logic-level output indicating switch position. The bidirectional switch also features a MEMS frictionless actuator, latching operation, variable actuation schemes, 5-VDC operation, <2-msec switching time, <1-dB insertion loss, 150-Hz-maximum cycle rate, and PCB mountability.
Northrop Grumman Poly-Scientific, Blacksburg, VA

The PureAccess bend-insensitive singlemode fiber is specifically designed for fiber-to-the-desktop, home, and premises and other general access- and enterprise-network applications. The fiber provides reduced bend-radius capabilities enabling tighter routing and higher fiber density for component design and deployment of fiber in central offices, subscriber equipment, backplane solutions, and premises wiring.
Sumitomo Electric Lightwave,Research Triangle Park, NC

The small aspherical lens for fiber-optic communications has a numerical aperture of 0.5-0.7 with diameters of 1.5-2.5 mm and a working distance of 0.8-0.9 mm. It ..provides high light-collecting efficiency and excellent thermal stability properties for light collimation and focusing between the laser diode and singlemode fiber for high-speed laser transmitters, high-power pumping lasers, and higher functional integration in optical components.
Olympus, Partnership Development Group, San Jose, CA
NOMINEE NO. COMP 10Th 130086

The compact eight-channel silica/quartz optical-fiber array for PLC applications comes with eight fibers assembled. Outer diameter measures 7×2.5×6.4 mm, and the ribbonized fiber is fixed in its holes with adhesive. Core pitch of the fiber is <±0.7 µm. The array is suited to input/output connectors or splitters for fiber-to-the-home and arrayed-waveguide gratings for DWDM applications.
Kohoku Kogyo, Cambridge, MA
NOMINEE NO. COMP 11 Th 130087

The NAP network-access-point closure enhances deployment of fiber deeper into the access network. It features an aerial terminal optimized for optical access architectures; the terminal is easy to re-enter, allowing incremental interconnection of subscribers' drop cables and an increase in deployment velocity. The closure provides enhanced integration of couplers/splitters and/or optical connectors and separates distribution-cable splicing and storage from drop-cable termination, interconnection, and splicing.
Corning Cable Systems, Hickory, NC
NOMINEE NO. COMP 12Th 130088

For SONET/SDH and Gigabit Ethernet applications, the receiver optical subassembly is an indium gallium arsenide PIN photodiode (PD) with preamplifier for 1.3/1.55 nm (G9283-14) or a gallium arsenide PIN PD with preamp for 850 nm (G9286-14). It provides high-speed response of 2.5 Gbits/sec and features high gain due to auto gain control.
Hamamatsu, Bridgewater, NJ
NOMINEE NO. COMP 13Th 130089

Spanning the physical, data link, network, and transport layers, the CMA5000 multilayer network test platform is suited for applications ranging from DWDM, SONET/SDH, and Gigabit Ethernet ..testing to dispersion and optical-time-domain-reflectometer measurements. High-performance measurement enables networks to be installed, commissioned, and documented more efficiently, accelerating the deployment of new services.
NetTest, Utica, NY

OptiFiber Certifying OTDR is an integrated fiber troubleshooting and certification platform for LANs that provides power-packed network visibility and reporting in one fast field-tough tool. It features a 1-m dead zone for pinpoint accuracy, a ..ChannelMap view, automated optical-time-domain-reflectometer (OTDR) analysis, one-button loss/length certification, FiberInspector video endface imaging, and full LinkWare compatibility. The OTDR's modular design supports multimode and singlemode testing.
Fluke Networks, Everett, WA

Comprising a full-fledged suite of functions for turning up DS-0/E-0 services to OC-192c/STM-64c, the FTB-8000 series test module covers all the requirements for metro and access networks. By integrating OC-192c/STM-64c test functions into the FTB-400 Universal Test System, the module offers physical-, optical-, and protocol-layer testing as part of a single test platform. The same field professional who lit up a new wavelength on a DWDM route and performed an OSA test with an FTB-400 can now quickly complete the final certification of the channel by running an OC-192c/STM-64c bit-error-rate test.
EXFO, Vanier, Quebec

The C-7512-1550 10-bit 1,300×1,030 digital version of phosphor-coated NIR telecommunications cameras integrates low-level signals for increased sensitivity. A larger-format 2/3-inch imager enables laser-beam profiling of larger NIR beams in the 1460-1625-nm wavelength range. The camera images optical fibers, laser diodes, LEDs, VCSELs, and near-IR lasers such as OPOs and eye-safe rangefinders. The LBA-PC beam analyzer corrects for nonlinearity in the up-conversion to produce accurate measurements.
Spiricon, Logan, UT

The ZX-1 mini PMS PLUS for fiber-optic endface surface topography and inspection testing is very compact and fully integrated. Its noncontact design incorporates completely automated focus, XY adjustment, and calibration. No manual adjustments are required for calibration, even when changing fixtures.
Direct Optical Research (DORC), Phoenix

The model 1300 optical loss test set is specifically designed for testing and verifying multifiber cable assemblies, including tactical optic-fiber connector assembly (TFOCA), TFOCA-II, MIL-C-28876, and standard hermaphroditic fiber-optic connectors. The integrated, fully functional test set includes two optical sources and two power meters in a single unit with an integral interface connector.
Fiber Systems International, Allen, TX

The OVA optical vector analyzer is an integrated solution for all-parameter characterization of passive optical components and subassemblies, yielding insights into device design, manufacturing, and failure analysis at high speeds. It measures the linear transfer function constructing optical characteristics: insertion loss, group delay, polarization-mode dispersion, polarization-dependent loss, polarization error, chromatic dispersion, and time-domain windowing—all in one space-saving mainframe with a single sweep of a tunable laser source.
Luna Technologies, Blacksburg, VA

The M100 handheld singlemode and multimode four-wavelength optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) with integrated visual fault locator uses PDA technology to combine a simple user interface with the features of a mini-OTDR in a "micro" package. It provides premises-network tier-two fiber-link certification ..and fault-location measurements. It also is designed for broadband service providers that need a highly portable OTDR to document and troubleshoot fiber links in access and FTTX networks.
AFL Telecommunications, Spartanburg, SC

The FMT 2RU fiber management tray is two rack units high and features sliding adapter packs that allow easy access for connecting jumpers and cleaning connectors. That ensures any fiber can be installed or removed without inducing a macrobend on an adjacent fiber. It can also house micro value-added modules for splitting and monitoring optical signals to provide service providers with additional flexibility and functionality when incorporating optical components into the network.
ADC Telecommunications, Eden Prairie, MN

OptSim 3.6 is a powerful, user-friendly tool for simulation-assisted design and validation of optical transmission systems, including CWDM/DWDM/OTDM ..amplified systems, ultra-long-haul terrestrial and submarine systems, metro networks, and cable TV/digital/analog systems. It now includes a comprehensive VCSEL model that accounts for spatial and thermal effects, an extended library of vendor components, a multimode fiber model, and a highly demanded SPICE interface for accurate circuit-level modeling of the interaction between the laser driver and laser.
RSoft Design Group, Ossining, NY
NOMINEE NO. DES 1Th 130099

OptiFDTD is a powerful, highly integrated software application that enables design and simulation of advanced passive and nonlinear photonic components for wave ..propagation, scattering, reflection, diffraction, polarization, and nonlinear phenomenon. Its core program is based on the finite difference time domain algorithm with second-order numerical accuracy and uni-axial perfectly matched layer boundary condition. The algorithm solves electric and magnetic fields in temporal and spatial domains using the full-vector differential form of Maxwell'S coupled curl equations.
Optiwave, Ottawa, Ontario
NOMINEE NO. DES 2Th 130100

The portable FiberStrip 7035 semi-automatic fiber ribbon stripper is used in production environments or during the installation of cable systems with fiber ribbons. The unit serves as a companion to cleaving and splicing devices for standard and ..high-strength applications. It has a motorized stripping stroke that allows repeatable processes to be documented, completely eliminating operator variability. Acceleration and speed are controlled by the stripping stroke to provide consistent results. The stripper also has closed loop temperature control that ensures repeatable stripping quality. The light 1.5-lb machine can accept most common fusion-splicer fiber holders.
Schleuniger, Manchester, NH

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