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The IFS-15H sets the standard in FTTX Digital Core Alignment Splicing Technology. Features: GUI menu, universal fiber holders 250mm

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These are the latest products being featured by Lightwave's partners. For more information, click on the link at the end of each description.

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FTTX1303lwshow Forc

INNO Instrument IFS-15H

FiberOptic Resale Corp.

The IFS-15H sets the standard in FTTX Digital Core Alignment Splicing Technology. Features: GUI menu, universal fiber holders 250mm, 900mm 3.0, SOC holders, Detachable SOC oven, highest industry resolution 800x480.


USB To Fiber Optic Bit-Driver1103 04lwshow Sitech

S.I. Tech

Supports USB 1.1 and 2.0 plug and play, multimode or singlemode for secure communication, remote security cameras, instruments, or other USB devices, extended-distance. EMI/RFI immunity. Order: 1.KIT #26 for complete multimode system. 11.3181/3182 for tempest version.

NETWORKING1207lwshow Agilent Dig

Get optical signal analysis capabilities into a compact, affordable and portable unit


Deeper analysis and greater flexibility of complex modulated signals for 100G designs at a fraction of the cost, size and weight of existing optical modulation analyzers. Why wait?


FastMT — The Fastest Automated Auto-Focus Inspection Available... Without 1211lwshow FiberqaScrolling! Inspect • Certify


FastMT simultaneously auto-focuses 4-72 individual fiber displays while certifying results on 8, 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 MT connector regions.

TEST and MEASUREMENT1303lwshow Terahertz


Terahertz Technologies Inc.

The U.S. made TTI FTE-7500-CWDM TaskMaster is a CWDM OTDR, available in a variety of wavelength configurations. Laser Sources also operate in CW mode for use with integrated broadband PM. Video Scope and VFL functions complete the TaskMaster's functionality. This OTDR is fast, easy to use, affordable and rugged for the ultimate productivity. Please contact us at 315-736-3642 or


Integrated de-emphasis and higher output voltage for Agilent's N4960A Serial BERT 32 and 17 Gb/s1303lwshow Agilent


New remote pattern generator heads add integrated de-emphasis, improved rise/fall time and jitter performance for transceiver, backplane and IC testing. The N4960A system is ideal for 100G Ethernet, CEI 28G VSR and 32G FC applications.


WAN Emulator with Ethernet / Optical Interfaces

GL Communications Inc.1303lwshow Glcommunications

GL's IPNetSim™ IPN600 series emulates real-world conditions of wide area networks (terrestrial, wireless, satellite, internet). It offers 1 or 10Gbps multi-rate capability with four 1 or 10Gbps SFP+ ports, and simulation of two separate 10Gbps (or 4Gbps) full-duplex links.


1240 – 1700nm Tunable Lasers

Yenista Optics1303lwshow Yenista

TUNICS T100S-HP is now available in 6 models covering all telecom wavelength bands: a tuning range up to 200nm, 8dBm minimum output power, 13dBm peak power and high dynamic range.


Optical Wavelength Meters1203lwshow Bristol

Bristol Instruments

Optical wavelength meters precisely characterize the wavelength of DWDM lasers. Multi-wavelength meters measure wavelength, power, and OSNR of DWDM signals. High accuracy and reliability achieve the most meaningful test results.

FTTX1303lwshow Lindsaybroadband

Tough Technology Does it Again

Lindsay Broadband

Fiber Distribution Hub is the complete solution for managing up to 288 Homes for FTTx PON application. Features front-access shelf for Splitter installation and a 72 port parking area.

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