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Optical wavelength meters precisely characterize the wavelength of DWDM lasers.

1203lwshow Bristol

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Test and Measurement

Optical Wavelength Meters1203lwshow Bristol

Bristol Instruments

Optical wavelength meters precisely characterize the wavelength of DWDM lasers. Multi-wavelength meters measure wavelength, power, and OSNR of DWDM signals. High accuracy and reliability achieve the most meaningful test results.

1305lwresource Terahertz

FTE-7800 OTDR with a CWDM 8 Channel Analyzer TaskMaster.

Terahertz Technologies Inc.

US made FTE-7800 "TaskMaster" has a 1310/1550nm SM OTDR paired with an 8 channel CWDM analyzer, video scope, LTS and VFL. Contact us at 315-736-3642 or


Industry-1st 24 --F Armored "Cross-Over" Cable1309lwshow Sumitomo1

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave

Sumitomo's new PureDri™ Armorlux™ Extra cable combines a familiar buffer tube design and the strength of a standard 600 lb. Outside Plant Cable with the flexibility of a Drop Cable. This innovative design eliminates costly fillers, providing reduced OD, unprecedented flexibility, and ease of entry. Dry & Gel Versions. Call Customer Service: 800-358-7378. Visit

Test and Measurement

WAN Emulator with Ethernet / Optical Interfaces1307lwshow Glcommunications1

GL Communications Inc.

GL's IPLinkSim™ emulates real-world conditions of WAN (terrestrial, wireless, satellite, or internet). Test the performance of network-dependent applications with user-selected & auto-negotiated bandwidth (up to 1Gbps), latency, background traffic, and packet loss rates.

Test and Measurement

New Sub-Band Chromatic Dispersion Emulator1309lwshow Teraxion


This passive chromatic dispersion emulator is now available with a broad continuous bandwidth (>400GHz) allowing DSP testing for advanced modulation formats at 100 and 400Gb/s. Perfectly suited for manufacturing environments and labs, it emulates more than 10,000 km of fiber in a compact unit while maintaining very low insertion loss. View Now…

FTTx/Enterprise Networks
1309lwshow Sumitomo2

New Industry-1st Quantum V-Groove Splicer

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave

Most technologically advanced, competitively priced, V-Groove fusion splicer! 1st & ONLY industry features include patented independent dual heaters, full touch screen control, USB interface for 24/7 remote maintenance, SD port for virtually unlimited data storage, plus more. 800-358-7378.


Lindsay Broadband Termination Closures

Lindsay Broadband

LB-TBA & TBB Compact Termination Box capable of handling up to 8 SC adapters or 16 SC adapters. Equipped with a hinged adapter tray for splicing and/or splitter installation.

Test and Measurement
1309lwshow Yenista

OSA20 -- Optical Spectrum Analyzer

Yenista Optics

Yenista unveils its first Optical Spectrum Analyzer at ECOC. OSA20 is fast & accurate: wavelength resolution bandwidth of 20 pm with scan speed of 2000 nm/s over 1250 -- 1700 nm.


Integrated de-emphasis and higher output voltage for Agilent's N4960A Serial 1309lwshow AgilentBERT 32 and 17 Gb/s


New remote pattern generator heads add integrated de-emphasis, improved rise/fall time and jitter performance for transceiver, backplane and IC testing. The N4960A system is ideal for 100G Ethernet, CEI 28G VSR and 32G FC applications.

Equipment Design

USB To Fiber Optic Bit-Driver1103 04lwshow Sitech

S.I. Tech

Supports USB 1.1 and 2.0 plug and play, multimode or singlemode for secure communication, remote security cameras, instruments, or other USB devices, extended-distance. EMI/RFI immunity. Order: 1.KIT #26 for complete multimode system. 11.3181/3182 for tempest version.

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