Portable optical spectrum analyser targets WDM networks

4 March 2003 -- Agilent Technologies has introduced its Optical Spectrum Analyser module, a portable, hot-swappable partner to the Modular Network Tester (MNT).

4 March 2003 -- Agilent Technologies, Palo Alto, Ca, US, has introduced its Optical Spectrum Analyser module, a portable, hot-swappable module for its Modular Network Tester (MNT).

The OSA Module will enable optical network technicians to reduce test time and increase efficiency when installing and maintaining DWDM networks. The company says it is brining "lab quality" products into the field.

Building on the versatility of the MNT, initially released in March 2002, the OSA Module features a "plug-and-play" configuration that snaps directly into the MNT mainframe.

The module offers a range of diagnostic tests for characterisation of optical WDM signals, including WDM analysis, data acquisition and documentation. Optical technicians view data from the OSA Module through a high-resolution GUI consistent with other Agilent optical test products.

"Expanding optical fibre installations to handle more traffic is a difficult process, so the focus has shifted to making the installed fibre base more efficient," said Hamish Butler, general manager of Agilent's Optical Network Test Division.

"The OSA Module for Agilent's MNT was designed to make those installations easier, less costly and faster. The module is a critical tool for outside plant technicians tasked with making these installations more efficient for the service providers who employ them. For the first time, the powerful tests needed to densely pack wavelengths onto a fibre will be available in a portable package."

The module provides a host of testing capabilities for WDM system analysis, including full characterization in the C-, L- , S-Band. A real-time mode also enables quick fault isolation and commissioning of DWDM systems.

Agilent claims that technicians will benefit from the module's post-processing software, a feature that will translate raw test data into functional results for easy field analysis and problem resolution.

Features include:
-- lightweight, battery-operated configuration, ideal for rugged use in harsh outside plant conditions;
-- built-in RISC processing power for fast and accurate trace acquisition and data processing;
-- one-button testing that completes pre-defined jobs without the need for redundant set-up;
-- pop-up optical fiber connector that is visible from the front for quick and easy connections, yet can be stowed for protection when not in use;
-- universal connector interface that can be connected to the test engine to accommodate a large range of standard fiber optic connectors.

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