Intune launches 'first' electronically tunable swept source

10 June 2003 Dublin, Ireland Lightwave Europe--Intune Technologies has launched what it claims is the world's first high speed swept source based on electronically tunable semiconductor lasers.

10 June 2003 Dublin, Ireland--Intune Technologies has launches what it claims is the world's first high-speed swept source based on electronically tunable semiconductor lasers.

Called the Intune INTs1100, the novel source offers the advantage of occupying just one-tenth the size of comparable, existing sources. It emits hundreds of different wavelengths in rapid succession in order to launch light into a device under test.

The source is already in field trials with some of Intune's key customers from a diverse range of growth areas, such as networking, optical sensing, and manufacturing.

John Dunne, CEO Intune Technologies, says, "Our lead customers' common experience illustrates how rapidly this technology can be deployed into incumbent working systems, reducing their time to market and enhancing productivity.

"The INTs1100 is available today and there is a comprehensive customer support package in place to facilitate evaluation, design-in, field trials and deployment. Customers now have the benefits of another Intune solution to release the potential of light as an information asset."

The source steps across 40-nm over 600 separate steps in 0.1 seconds by stepping between each wavelength-locked channel in less than 200-micro-seconds. Rapid electronic tuning allows faster sweeping while retaining full programmability to stop at any single wavelength.

By wavelength locking each step, long-term reliability and temperature performance are reliable and, with no internal mechanical parts, operation in tough environmental conditions is assured.

The source, says Intune, has the performance benefits of a bench top unit while retaining the cost of ownership and size of a small module component. Dunne concludes, "This is the first commercially available wavelength synthesised source."

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