Sigma Networks announces metro wavelength portfolio

Aug. 20, 2001--The company's MAINLight Wavelength Services now feature three distinct offerings designed to match a spectrum of needs from carrier and service provider customers.

Sigma Networks, Inc., a provider of metro interconnect services, announced a full line of Wavelength Services for the metropolitan area. The company's MAINLight Wavelength Services now feature three distinct offerings designed to match a spectrum of needs from carrier and service provider customers.

Sigma Networks' enhanced Wavelength Services include: UWave -- Unprotected Wavelength Services; PROWave -- Protected Wavelength Services; and RADWave -- Redundant and Diverse Wavelength Services. Wavelength Services offer advantages to carrier and service provider customers looking for a low cost alternative for extremely high volume bandwidths at 2.5 Gigabit speeds and above. MAINLight Wavelength Services enable carriers and service providers to benefit by saving the costs associated with deploying their own optronics on dark fiber.

Sigma Networks' expanded MAINLight Wavelength Services were designed to meet carrier and service provider customer requirements. UWave Services provide a lit fiber solution for companies that want to economically increase capacity. PROWave Services offer protected fiber for turnkey, higher availability. RADWave Services feature both a redundant handoff and diversely routed, redundant fiber. This service gives customers the additional advantage of using both fiber pairs as working circuits for additional flexibility and bandwidth; and customers can obtain up to 5 Gigabits per second of bandwidth. UWave Services feature 99.5% availability, PROWave Services feature 99.95% availability, and RADWave Services feature up to 99.999% availability. Sigma Networks MAINLight Wavelength Services begin at $20,000 a month, with discounts available for term and volume commitments. Prices for all Sigma Networks services are distance insensitive within a metro market.

"With target customers -- including carriers, service providers, and even large enterprises -- under pressure to cut costs and improve operating efficiency, the economic advantages of wavelengths will warrant closer attention as part of any build, buy, or lease calculation," said Seth Libby, Analyst, Wholesale Communication Services, The Yankee Group, who recently co-authored a report entitled "Wavelength Services: The New Smart Build."

Sigma Networks Metropolitan Area Interconnect Network (MAIN) Services are supported by a single, common network architecture that was designed from the outset to support a range of SONET, Wavelength, and Gigabit Ethernet Services. The addition of two more Wavelength Services further complements Sigma Networks' wide portfolio, which includes SONET Services ranging from DS3 to OC-192, and Carrier-Class Gigabit Ethernet Services. Carrier and service provider customers can directly and rapidly provision bandwidth through Sigma Networks' Web-based MAINPoint Operational Support System (OSS). MAINPoint, the first multiservice customer-controlled OSS, lets customers expand SONET and Gigabit Ethernet bandwidth on demand and order new Wavelength Services.

About Sigma Networks:

Sigma Networks delivers metro interconnect services to fill the connectivity gaps between major data traffic points within cities. For more information, visit

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