Digital Optics Corporation completes internal wavelength locker

Sept. 26, 2001--Digital Optics Corporation has developed an internal, front wavelength locker that will be unveiled later this month at the European Conference on Optical Communications.

Digital Optics Corporation (DOC) announced it has developed an internal, front wavelength locker that will be unveiled later this month at the European Conference on Optical Communications (ECOC).

DOC's WaveSetter wavelength locker is ready to undergo Telcordia GR-468 testing, an industry reliability measurement standard. The company is also developing a passively aligned wavelength locker prototype. This next generation wavelength locker, currently under development, will enable passive alignment in the laser module package.

DOC's WaveSetter is an integrated optical sub-assembly (OSA) that provides a set of control signals that allow a tunable laser's output to be set at and locked into a particular wavelength. Wavelength lockers aid dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) applications, which call for many lasers to travel on the same fiber.

Using its diffractive optic technology, DOC can also integrate other functions into its WaveSetter, such as beamshaping, which involves conditioning the laser's output so it can be better coupled into a fiber, and isolating, which prevents back reflections into the laser.

DOC's internal front wavelength locker also demonstrates the functionality and versatility of Digital Optics' Photonic Chip integrated optics platform. DOC's Photonic Chip technology allows wide latitude of design options to meet internal wavelength locker specifications.

The platform's family of products includes front lockers and back lockers in 50GHz and 100GHz channel spacings, and non-etalon based lockers for both tunable and fixed wavelength lasers. DOC can alter the optical and electrical performance characteristics, as well as the physical size and orientation of its wavelength locker products to meet specific application needs.

DOC's wavelength lockers can be mounted within the laser package using either adhesives or solder. If solder is the chosen method, a bond pad is provided on the underside of the assembly.

DOC will exhibit the WaveSetter wavelength locker at ECOC in booth No. 204 on the Main Show Floor at the RAI Centre in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Oct. 1-3, 2001.

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