Nortel Networks supplies metro DWDM solution for ACCA Networks in Japan

Oct. 14, 2001--Nortel Networks has supplied its DWDM optical solution for ACCA Networks to strengthen its metro and relay networks and to enable the expansion of high-speed DSL service.

Nortel Networks (NYSE:NT)(TSE:NT.) has supplied its dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) optical solution for ACCA Networks to strengthen its metro and relay networks in Tokyo, and to enable the expansion of high-speed (8 megabits-per-second) DSL service in the cities of Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama and Kanagawa.

Introduction of Nortel Networks metropolitan optical solutions -- including Nortel Networks OPTera Metro 5200 and 3500 Multiservice Platforms -- has enabled ACCA Networks to significantly expand its transmission capacity in the main business areas, and support flexible network expansion in response to future demand.

OPTera Metro 5200 and 3500 are part of Nortel Networks complete, flexible and Optical Metro portfolio of DWDM, next generation SONET, and Optical Ethernet products, currently deployed in over 1,000 customer networks in 45 countries.

Prior to deployment, ACCA Networks and Nortel Networks successfully tested the wavelength division multiplexing capability of the OPTera Metro 5200, and succeeded in sending 40 gigabits of traffic over 16 wavelengths on current commercial optical fibers. This indicates that the infrastructure has been established to offer increasingly higher-speed DSL and Fiber to the Business (FTTB) services, as well as services such as Optical Ethernet in the future.

The new network was constructed by installing metro DWDM systems in communications facilities that relay networks and by connecting them with metro ring high-speed optical communications lines. The infrastructure can provide networks with sufficient flexibility and support networks offering broadband services and optical FTTB services whose demand is expected to expand. These optical metro networks also position service providers like ACCA Networks to drive significantly reduced operating costs, compared with existing networks, when the number of users increases.

About ACCA Networks:

ACCA Networks, founded in Japan in March 2000 and approved as a Type II telecommunications operator by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, is a provider of high-speed Internet and broadband network access utilizing Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) technology.

About Nortel Networks:

Nortel Networks is a provider of networking and communications solutions and infrastructure for service providers and corporations. For more information, visit

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