Avvio Networks intros optical 'Swiss army knife'

NOVEMBER 24, 2008 -- The AM2554 module is designed to be a very simple, versatile eight-port switch with user-accessible SFPs.

NOVEMBER 24, 2008 -- Touting it as reminiscent of a Swiss army knife, Avvio Networks (search for Avvio) has introduced the AM2554 module. The module is designed to be a very simple, versatile eight-port switch with user-accessible SFPs. The module works with up to eight signals of any protocol at any data rate from 155 Mbits/sec to 2.7 Gbits/sec. A built-in 8x8 switch enables a variety of uses on the same module, including optical APS and broadcast.

One common application uses the AM25554 as a wavelength shifter and 2R repeater in WDM ring and point-to-point applications. Up to four bidirectional signals can be inexpensively wavelength shifted with just one module, Avvio says.

The AM2554 can be used in conjunction with an AM2558 module. The AM2558 can multiplex up to 16 OC-3 signals onto an OC-48 line. The AM2558 has eight client side ports, so an additional eight OC-3 signals are electrically connected from an AM2554 to the AM2558 through the backplane.

The AM2554 can also be used as a remotely configurable OEO "patch panel" for equipment testing applications. It can be inserted between test equipment and the devices under test. Up to five AM2554 modules are supported in a 2RU A2050 chassis for up to 40 test paths in a lab or test floor environment. This eliminates the need for far more expensive physical layer matrix switches for testing and monitoring, according to the company.

Avvio Networks' Sales Manager Rick Madden said, "The AM2554's versatility leads to a number of different application possibilities to include adding APS protection and CALEA listening to existing lines. Its backplane connectivity allows the AM2554 to be used in conjunction with other Avvio Networks modules in the same chassis. The AM2554 is like the 'Swiss army knife' of optical transport modules."

The AM2554 module is available now and it is supported by Avvio Networks' GUI-based Element Management System.

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