Proximion claims industry's smallest TDCM

SEPTEMBER 10, 2008 -- Proximion Fiber Systems' colorless tunable dispersion compensation module (TDCM) enables symmetrical dispersion compensation across the entire C-band while utilizing low power consumption, say company representatives.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2008 -- Proximion Fiber Systems AB (search for Proximion Fiber Systems), provider of optical modules and sub-systems based on Fiber Bragg Grating (search for Fiber Bragg Grating) technology, today announced what it claims is the industry's smallest tunable dispersion compensation module (TDCM). Utilizing its advanced FBG capabilities, Proximion says it is successfully delivering a colorless device--setting any wavelength across the entire C-band--with wide symmetrical dispersion tunability. The TDCM shows high-performance results while utilizing low power consumption, says the company.

With advanced functionalities such as low loss and broad optical bandwidth, Proximion's TDCM is suitable for DWDM 40-Gbit/sec applications and above. At these bit rates, dispersion management is crucial. The company says its TDCM tightly controls the dispersion with continuous tunability reaching from -700 to +700 ps/nm. Moreover, the colorless operation enables one product for all channels, note company representatives, who add that the TDCM's superior form factor and low power dissipation eases integration at the transceiver linecard. In addition, the integrated control electronics, featuring a digital interface, simplify implementation and remove the need for external calibration tables and the driver circuits normally required.

The TDCM can also be used as an in-line dispersion compensator in 10-Gbit/sec systems, where the TDCM simultaneously compensates for all ITU channels, replacing a number of different fixed dispersion compensation modules.

"Our colorless TDCM increases functionality, and enables our customers to achieve higher performance in a more cost-effective way," explains Stefan Ekman, CEO of Proximion. "As the market continues to demand higher bandwidth applications to support growing traffic, the need for FBGs will continue to increase. Realizing the industry's need for a smaller solution, we have minimized our TDCM so transceiver and other vital subsystems can be integrated on the same board," he adds. 

Proximion will be demonstrating its TDCM at this year's ECOC in Booth number 317.

Sampling of the product will be done to selected customers in Q4 2008, and product release is planned for Q1 2009.

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